So. You’ve had your chance to watch the series premiere of Gotham…

GOTHAM is an origin story of the great DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, revealing an entirely new chapter that has never been told. From executive producer/writer Bruno Heller (“The Mentalist,” “Rome”), GOTHAM follows one cop’s rise through a dangerously corrupt city teetering between good and evil, and chronicles the birth of one of the most popular super heroes of our time.

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  1. I enjoyed the show a lot. I’ve seen some people online complain that there were too many characters, but I found them all intriguing. Looked like the Joker up there on the stage near the end, with Riddler and Penguin around as well. I hope it does well in the ratings war and is a great prequel!

    • I agree completely. I really hope thats not the Joker up on the stage and is just a bone of misdirection they tossed out there.

  2. I have to say I throughly enjoyed it. The characterisation of most of the existing cast from the comics was so well done I just kept grinning the whole show. Specifically Gordon (thank god, wouldbt be much of a show if he sucked), Cobblepot (they hyped him in so many interviews and articles that I would have been seriously disappointed if he hadnt been good), Nigma (he reminded me of the smart guy from NCIS, which is going to make his descent into madess all that much better), and surprisingly young Bruce (the hints of his future self at the end of the episode might have been a little heavy handed but i loved it).
    The most disappointing existing characters in the first episode were Allen and Montoya, we didnt really get much of good old Crispus so I really cant say too much about him but giving Montoya and Barbara Kean a past relationship seemed kinda pointless but then again they may use it to good effect down the road.
    The new character Fish Mooney was as much of a let down as I feared. Played pretty by the book, every time wewere in her club I felt like I was in one of Joel Schumakers Batman movies instead of the rest of what Gotham showed us.
    One last note about the overall plot. Having the Wayne murder be a plot by both the criminal organization and the police force was a nice touch to set the tone and future obstacles for out intrepid hero Gordon. And ig I am correct, it is also a new take that hasnt been done before.

  3. Rui Almeida aka Ariamus on

    I liked it though I do think there was a bit much in the way of “name-dropping” throughout the episode. I mean, we get the future Catwoman right out of the chute. We also get all the primaries for the series: Bullock, a young James Gordon, Montoya, Falcone, etc. Did we also need introductions to the future Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, and more (I lost count)?

    In light of the previews for next week, it seems that the Oswald / Penguin character is pretty key to the early arcs of the series so I’ll give them that one. But there wasn’t any need, I don’t think, to give us a glimpse of so many other members of Batman’s rogues gallery, IMHO.

    That said, I’ll reiterate that I liked it. I’m looking forward to next week and will stick with it for the foreseeable future. I will point out that it was a lot more violent than I’d expect an 8 PM, network TV show would be. I’m not saying that’s either good or bad; it’s just a statement of fact.

  4. The Gotham pilot shows promise of the next solid DC show. The leads like Gordon, Bullock, and Bruce all seem to be well portrayed. Sorry if this is a misinformed or shorted-sighted opinion, but the villains just seemed a bit off to me. Mooney just didn’t seem very intimidating or convincing; Selina appeared only a little, but she just seems out of place for now, and Nygma just seemed corny. Some parts of the entire show seemed a bit corny, but maybe I just didn’t get the sense of humor. I love the plot though. Gordon’s dedication, the underside of Gotham, and Bruce’s step towards Batmanhood. I’ll continue watching, but the pilot was only solid for me, nothing spectacular. I’m not the best judge of quality, so maybe my review is short-sighted in some aspects, but these are just my opinions. I just want this show to be successful.

  5. I felt a little under whelmed. I may have been expecting way too much though. If you follow Batman you aren’t really introduced to anything you haven’t seen before. The weird Jim’s-face-while-running-shots were an interestingly terrible idea. The shoe-horned introduction of Batman characters felt forced and they may have well added a flashing graphic saying “HEY! HEY! THIS GUY”S THE RIDDLER! YOU KNOW, THE RIDDLER? RIGHT? RIGHT? EVERYONE?” I also didn’t really care for the way the Wayne’s death was put together. I like my dead Waynes to be a little more dramatic. Linking Selina (OMG SHE STOLE MILK…FOR A CAT! SHE MUST BE CATWOMAN”) to the crime scene feels a little pointless as we can expect that she saw as much as Bruce did.

    That being said, I liked the take on Alfred a lot and how Bruce comes across as a little bit of a psychopath. I really liked the cast a lot and I am expecting some pretty big things from the show. I have been reading Batman for my entire life so the whodunit mystery doesn’t really draw me in as much as the character interactions. I am pretty excited to see this version of Penguin rise to power and I am wondering if they will run it as a parallel of Jim’s raise in the police force.

    So the tl;dr: the pilot was a little rocky but has great potential.

    • Not seen the show yet, but this sounds just like I was afraid it would be. Sometimes less is more, I have no need, nor desire to know anything about these Bat-characters before they put on their costumes.

    • Haven’t seen the episode yet myself, but it sounds like someone on the creative end might not have much of an attention span. Unless there is some serious story involving all the extra characters in the next two or three episodes, I don’t see why they couldn’t have spread the introductions and cameos out a little bit instead of throwing them all in the pilot.

  6. I walked into Gotham with the clear expectation that they would botch the whole thing up. I was a Huge fan of the Gotham Central series, and I loved the idea of a TV series from that perspective, but I think it would Not be in their best interest to follow too close with the Kevin Smith Re-edits. My biggest worry was the show would no longer be about the Young Commish, and would instead focus on the young pre-Bat Bruce.

    From what I saw this was NOT the case. It looks like they are telling a police story first and foremost, and I am so glad of it. I liked the characters, Gordon and Bullock, and how they are portrayed this early on. I am not yet sold on the other characters, Fish seems generic, I’m hoping that she evolves a little, and the soft intro to the other rogues gallery members was amusing at best. I agree with above that I hope that isn’t the joker, mainly because I think he is too old, but if they work in a red hood, I’l be one happy monkey

  7. I will give the point of view of a layman! I’m not a Batman comic book reader and I’m familiarized with his mythos only with the scope of movies. And I like it! :) For what it is, it’s a good detective story. And the main protagonist is really good. A little bit of overacting, but eh, it’s a Batman story! I don’t know if I will be onboard for the whole thing but I will certainly watch next episode. I don’t have the same level of enthousiam I had with Agent of SHIELD but I think it will be a nice show to watch or maybe binge watch later on. 3.5 stars for me.

  8. I didn’t like it. Harvey being so corrupt isn’t right. He might be lazy and a slob but he’s not a crooked cop. He would never go along with executing some thug on a pier. I also didn’t like how it seems like the entire show is going to be about 6 batman villains and their origin stories. I would rather just two cops fighting the corruption of the police force as they futilely try to do their part in cleaning up Gotham. I don’t understand what adding in all those characters from Batman was supposed to do. I don’t like that they added Selina Kyle or Ivey. Selina being older than Bruce doesn’t sit well with me. Really, I just want to see Gordon’s story. Stop trying to mix in all these other characters that aren’t supposed to be important until 20 years later.

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