As reported very recently here on, Supergirl is flying into a television series on CBS. She’s joining programs including Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Flash, Arrow, Constantine and Agent Carter. Hey, who has time for any shows that are NOT comics-related anymore?

Of course, I’m thrilled to see another comics character lead who’s a woman, so that made me very happy.

But the longer I think about it, the more concerns I have about Supergirl.


Since the New 52 began, both Kara and her cousin have been trying to match the success of the Batman and Green Lantern families of books.

With Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr at the helm of Superman, that title has been doing a LOT better, especially in monthly sales numbers. But Supergirl?

I’ve honestly lost track of how many times the Girl of Steel has changed creators, sadly. Does it mean that the various teams have been doing a less-than-adequate job? Not in my opinion. Frankly, I love the notion of Kara as a disaffected teen who has a few anger and family issues. I understand the desire to have someone wearing the “S” on her chest be someone respected, but Superman already fills that need for me.

I cannot imagine CBS bringing the Red Lanterns team onto the series. Why? Because that requires explanation as to who they are and where they come from, not to mention the expense of special effects. Kara flying will probably cost enough for now.

I see that Mr. Johns will have something to do with Supergirl, and that’s a good thing. He’s been pretty successful helping bring DC characters to the small screen, and adding a “super” character to that line-up will be a real feather in his cap, seems to me.


Justice League, Supergirl, Kara, Superman, Clark Kent, Superman: The Animated Series, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Harvey Bullock, Batman: The Animated Series.On my Wayne’s Comics Podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with several Supergirl creators about her, and I’ve voiced some problems I’ve had with Kal-El’s cousin.

For instance, she tends to fight baddies known for taking on other heroes, and that most often includes Superman’s villains. Brainiac is a perfect example. She needs her very own rogue’s gallery. Seriously.

Not only that, but she has few people around her that CBS can try to bring to the small screen. Silver Banshee? Really? A girl who screams like that? I don’t see it!

Of course, this opens the door for the creation of friends and enemies who could help energize the comics. Hey, Harvey Bullock and Harley Quinn won fans on Batman: The Animated Series, and they’re showing up in comics and TV!


Another problem I have is making Kara have the same experiences a young Clark Kent went through.

I mean, I enjoyed Supergirl in Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League: Unlimited. She was a newbie, and it was a lesson to learn – just because you’re that powerful, it doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do when you fight evil.

But Bruce Timm and company did that already! We need to see a new, fresh take on Supergirl, and an alien teen with issues still rings right to me.

Don’t all teens feel like outcasts and aliens, after all?

Should she live on a farm with the Kents? Again, we’ve seen that. I’d rather she her in a more urban environment, having to face more complicated good-and-evil choices.


One of the problems Superman has is that he always knows exactly what to do, then does it. That’s wonderful in real life, but when we readers can easily figure out what will happen, that makes for dull reading.

And again, isn’t this what’s been happening with Superman? I truly admire his morality and ability to tell right from wrong, but I’d love to see Supergirl have to learn some lessons the hard way. Oh, and maybe meet some other great DC women like Batgirl or Wonder Woman along the way!

Admittedly, I’m a guy, and I’m looking at this show from my own perspective. I’d truly LOVE to hear what the women of think about all this! What would you like to see?

We don’t know exactly when to expect this series to debut yet, but I’m hoping Mr. Johns will help CBS move Supergirl into the future. Stay tuned, and we’ll find out together!


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  1. My main concern is that they haven’t been able to get her right in comics for 30 years, what makes them think TV will be any better?

  2. I would hope that they have Batgirl and Superman be guest stars in the show. I also do not want to see Red Lanterns. I think that was a stupid story arc and that whole situation of her being angry at everyone was really forced. I think it would be a good way to do a show with a bunch of young pretty people like TV loves to do these days. If they can get the special effects budget right I think the show has potential. I think the actress and writing will make or break the show.

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