J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars: Episode VII. Zack Synder is directing Ben Affleck as Batman. Two of the most well-known directors of our time are now combining the two known properties to ever exist.

Creators doing promotion for their work sans corporate entities has been a discussion point on a few recent Major Spoilers podcasts and we have been given more proof of it this week.

It all started when Zack Synder tweeted an image of a Storm Trooper being arrested on the set of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The tweet and image from Synder came days after a rumor started floating around the Internet that the Batmobile had been stolen. After the director fired off this picture though it was clear that it was all a ruse to get us all buzzing about why a Storm Trooper would be on the Dawn of Justice set.

Not to be out down, J.J. Abrams (and his team) are also masters of social media and have just released this video that gives us a close up look at the Millennium Falcon that has been built for the film. Pay close attention to the end.


Based off from what we have seen on the new Batmobile and with the theme from Nolan’s Batman films playing in the background, we know that this new attachment to the iconic smuggling ship is not the vehicle we will see Ben Affleck in, but the message is clear: Star Wars and Batman will be coming together in the near future.

No. That is crazy. There is no way that is actually happening, but it is quite entertaining watching these two creatives give the Internet exactly what they want.

via Bad Robot and Zack Synder


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