Grant Morrison’s Multiversity epic continues in The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors from the Counter World! #1.  That’s quite the title, huh?  Many, myself included, loved the first issue of Multiversity?  Read on to find out if Grant Morrison delivers yet again!

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Chris Sprouse
Inker: Karl Story, Walden Wong
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Colorist: Dave McCaig
Editor: Rickey Purdin
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $4.99

Previously in Multiversity: The Multiverse is collapsing/being destroyed.  Again.  This time, multiple super-heroes from many Earths are coming together to save the day.  But just how is this catastrophe affecting other worlds?


Multiversity is certainly playing out in a unique way, giving us multiple one-shots as opposed to an ongoing series.  It’s similar to what Morrison did with Seven Soldiers but on a gigantic scale while tying together more tightly.  With The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors from the Counter World #1, he also delivers what is one of the most badass Dr. Fate’s I’ve read.  In fact, all the characters in this issue are cool, 1940’s style takes on classic supers.  Immortal Man (Anthro as he used to be called) is a charming immortal, the Blackhawks a group of women pilots, Devil-like Abin Sur Green Lantern and a young man named the Mighty Atom.  I liked the team but did find Mighty Atom somewhat strange, wearing normal street clothes and a mask that looks awfully like Dr. Manhattan (this will only make Alan Moore think Morrison is obsessed with him even more).  The story is a simple one about two worlds at war, Earth-20 and Earth-40.  It’s not specified whose Earth the story takes place on which is somewhat disappointing.  What Morrison does wonderfully is tell a story that has strong ties to the Multiversity while also telling its own (in a way).  Subtle hints are dropped and it’s clear that Nix Uotan’s corruption has had strong repercussions.  The cursed comic book makes another appearance and I’m dying to see what part it plays in the story.

Even though liked the issue, I didn’t feel the excitement I had after the first.  Some of it felt brief and as is usually the case with Morrison, vague.  We learn the race of Monitors died and Nix Uotan’s father was the Proto-Monitor.  Plus some “things from outside” filled the vacuum they left behind.  Only being the second part in a massive story, it’s understandable to have some mystery but this was so brief I missed it the first time.  Once again, multiple readings are required for this one but it’s still fun.


After reading this I’ve come to a realization:  I want a Doc Fate book and I want Chris Sprouse to draw it.  All his characters look awesome but Doc Fate is drawn with a subtle confidence, best shown on the credits page.  Detail is great and pages are packed.  Layouts are well done though some of the action doesn’t translate.  The fight Lady Shiva and Lena have hanging from their parachutes stuck in trees was confusing.  I’m still not sure both characters were actually stuck.  Still, Sprouse injects nice subtleties into the art (such as the Eye of the Giaour) that the whole book is a treat.


It’s hard to justify spending $4.99 on any comic nowadays but the Multiversity has yet to let me down.  With a hefty page count and incredible artwork along with the cool story, I have to say it’s worth it.  Grant Morrison’s epic is continuing to play out in fun ways and I’m dying to see how it comes together, if it even does.  I’m sure I’ll have my mind blown either way.


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  1. Sweet, will be picking this up! Doc Fate has always been one of my favorite DC characters. Well, whole Justice Society really, those guys need more exposure.

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