Who doesn’t love a good fight between two titans of the comic page? We spend hours thinking about it, but rarely do we get to geek out with our fellow four color fans over fantasy fights. That’s why we present the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week every Tuesday, and why we want you to get involved in our little weekly dose of make believe and what if.

This week, it’s the Faucet City Whiz Kid taking on his thinly veiled alter ego, Miracleman! Two enter the Rock of Eternity, one to shout, “SHAZAM!” the other to screen “KIMOTA!” Who will emerge victorious in this battle of the Silver Age?


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  1. Miracleman comes across as WAY more ruthless than Captain Marvel / Shazam. He crushed that guy’s throat and threw him back to earth from orbit, vaporizing him in the process. Haven’t seen Billy Batson throw down like that.

  2. As much as I’d prefer to vote for Captain Marvel rather than Captain Cheap Knock-off – I mean Miracle Man – I have to agree with Pearce above. Not only is Miracle Man more ruthless, at the heart of the thing, Captain Marvel is an over-powered preadolescent who hangs around with talking tigers. He wouldn’t stand a chance.

  3. I’m not sure if Miracleman is quite as strong as Captain Marvel (I refuse to call him Shazam because it’s an acronym and NOT a name), but I do know Miracleman is a smart, mature adult unlike Billy Batson and has done immensely violent things in the name of saving the world. Plus Miracleman is a father (in the Alan Moore run at least) and I believe he has more to fight for. I think experience and a willingness to do terrible things for good reasons gives Miracleman the edge.

    • I Third the above arguments.
      The grittier Miracleman would have the guts to go for the kill in this fight. Shazam is relatively limited in his combat options by hi anchoring soul.

  4. The reason I voted Captain Marvel is because I haven’t read enough of Miracle Man to know his powers, personality, etc. very well, and from what little knowledge I have, I think Captain Marvel would have the upper hand. I know MM is more aggressive than CM, but I’m not sure if that would be enough to tip the tables.

    But I could be way off. As I said, I’m working with what little I know of MM from the few comics and the wiki articles I remember.

  5. As much as it pains me to say this. Micracleman. He has no moral compass. He won’t hesitate to use lethal force to stop someone.
    Captain Marvel may be stronger, but Miracleman would demolish him.

  6. Gotta go with the Big Red Cheese! No good reason why he should beat Miracleman, especially given the latter’s more violent nature. I just got a lot of faith in Captain Marvel to pull out a win.

  7. I’ve never read any Captain Marvel, and I (thankfully) didn’t see that 70’s tv version of it either.
    But I did watch the 1940’s “Adventures of Captain Marvel”… and I gotta say. That guy is un-killable.
    He “Dies” at the end of every episode, and then at the start of the next one they retcon the death! Literally un-killable!
    So Captain Marvel wins.

  8. I’m going to abstain from this one. I’m not overly familiar with most superhero stuffs – I think I’m most knowledgeable about The Runaways, but I only have a few volumes of it, and that info would be kinda irrelevant in this fight anyways.

  9. When it comes to a fight between a kid who lets his “Goody Two Shoes” side out way too much, and a hero who stinks at spelling “Atomic” and says it backwards to boot, I have to vote for Captain Marvel (Shazam). While my knowledge of both is fairly limited, Billy Batson has proven to be a valuable asset in a fight even when he isn’t muscled out (The Starro invasion in Brave and the Bold) and has also proven he can go toe to toe with Superman in Justice League. (I know, my references are mostly television based, I’m just getting into classic comics after years of being almost an exclusive Indie reader)

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