List of LEGO sets coming to shelves in 2015 have been revealed and leaked around the Internet lately, but we finally were able to see images for some of the sets! Find out what we have learned about the coming Pirates line!

Through the extensive list of set images that leaked early this morning, combined with other knowledge that has already been made known online, it seems that LEGO is looking to get a bit nostalgic in 2015 as they are bringing back the Pirates line of sets.

Shipwreck Defense (70409) – 84 pcs/$12 USD

Soldiers’ Outpost (70410) – 164 pcs/$20

Treasure Island (70411) – 180 pcs/$20 USD

Soldiers’ Fort (70412) – 234 pcs/$40 USD

Pirats Ship (70413) – 725 pcs/$90

From the box images that I have seen, it looks as if every single set in the Pirates line will come with a working canon (of LEGO proportions of course) which will be great for firing across the room and eventually stepping on moments later.

Of course, Pirates aren’t the only familiar faces you should expect to see next year, but you will have to wait to learn what else will have you racing to the store next year another day..

The “Pirats Ship” is the largest set in the Pirates line, and we wait in agonizing anticipation for the rest of the images to be officially released.



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