The leaves are starting to change, a crispness is in the air, and pumpkin is in every drink around the country. It can only mean one thing: LEGO is about to release two new seasonal sets!

The first seasonal set that is already available is Halloween Set #850936, which includes Lord Vampyre, a casket, a spider, and a cardboard arch that helps with the spooky.


Up next is the Santa Set #850939, which includes a Santa minifig, a child with two different hair pieces, a toy train, and a holiday cardboard background. This set is already available in the UK and is expected to release in the upcoming months in the States.


LEGO will be selling each for the low, low price of $7.99. Now, LEGO might have designed these to stand on their own, but I think Lord Vampyre standing together under a nice snowing background would be wonderful! The only touch that would be missing is a little bit of mistletoe.

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  1. I must have Lord Vampyre and Santa to mix-and-match to create Vampyre Santa. It would look great next to my Christmas Tree in my room every year that is decorated with Halloween lights (little bats, pumpkins and skulls). Of course, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is also my favorite Christmas movie, so that might be saying something.

    Of course, I’d probably want at least two Lord Vampyre anyway. One to keep as is, one to swap his head on other bodies when I rearrange my LEGO shelf (like when I use multiple other heads on Jedi or Harry Potter bodies and make huge battle scenes).

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