This week, Star Trek celebrates a major milestone in its history. We realize there are those who have never watched the original series, and who despise everything having to do with pointy-eared devils, red shirts, and screaming your enemy’s name at the top of your voice when your best friend bites it. Likewise there are people that love the social commentary, cheesy effects, and rehashed story lines in their major motion picture release. This week, we ask the question, “Do you love Star Trek more than you hate it?”


Do you 'love' or 'hate' Star Trek? (comment here)

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  1. Love Star Trek. It is just good fun to watch. Great at times, terrible at others, and fun more often then not.

    Hopefully those that don’t like it post why they don’t. I think it would be interesting to hear peoples reasons.

  2. I’m really in between on this one. I prefer Star Trek TNG in almost every way possible. However, reruns of the original series were my introduction to Star Trek, so I have to give respect to that. I love it more than hate it.

  3. I LOVE it but I’m very specific in which shows I love. I like TOS but have never enjoyed watching it as much as TNG and DS9, mostly because of the more serious tone and more varied characters. TOS was a bit more Spock, Kirk, Bones and friends, while a show like TNG really got to explore ALL of it’s characters. The last two series were pretty rough in spots and the movies are notorious in their inconsistency, yet overall Star Trek has made me happy for many many years.

    I am also one of the only two people to really like Start Trek Nemesis.

  4. I don’t love it as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it. I’ll gladly sit and watch any Trek series and most of the movies without a second thought and make and wear costumes of the various uniforms, but I no longer want to build a replica of a Starfleet or Klingon ship bridge (also, I don’t have a basement to build one in). I also despise calling the new movies a “reboot” since it is just an alternate reality tale, and alternate realities are such a Trek story staple.

  5. Love Star Trek it was a bunch of shows & movies my dad introduced me to, and watched together. Heck the first movie I ever saw in theaters was Star Trek VI (granted I was less than a year old.) I’m actually really sad that we don’t have a Star Trek show on now.

    • While not a substitute for a series, have you checked out the stories they have for Star Trek Online? While I don’t play the game itself all that much, I’ve spent a lot of time reading the stories they have developed for the game and what happened in the time leading up to it.

      And I keep hoping that sooner or later we’ll get a Trek anthology series that tells stories from every corner of the Trek multiverse and then some. It would be the perfect way to make a series that can include stories from both the original timeline and the timeline of the new movies to cater to fans of both.

      • I will have to check out the Online stories then. No real time for gaming unfortunately. An anthology series would be awesome. I’ve heard rumor of a Capt. Worf show, which I’d dig. Really i just need some format to get me closure on Sisko coming back to his wife & children.

        • They have done really well at crafting some interesting stories for the game, both for within the game itself and otherwise. Most of the storylines, including the gameplay storylines, can be found around such as on the STO wiki, and some specific character histories are written up on some of the various Trek wikis since several characters from almost every incarnation of Trek (including the past and alternate timelines) appear in the game.

          If you ever do find yourself with free time, though, you may want to check it out. It isn’t the best game (not bad, but not particularly epic either), but it isn’t too difficult or grind heavy (but can still be challenging if you want it to) and can be played pretty casually, and each faction has unique storylines that dig deep into Trek history. And while there is a cash shop, you can play well without it and they have occasional giveaways so unless you MUST have something, you won’t need to spend a cent.

  6. Star Trek (TOS) may have been my introduction to science fiction, a lifelong love now. I have to say I love it. Not every episode is great, but there are an awful lot of good ones. Also, consider the concept and how it’s been able to spawn several other series, as well as movies, in addition to surviving a reboot.

  7. I grew up on TOS, though I think Shatner’s Kirk has not weathered well.
    I like much Star Trek much more than I hate it. I have seen every episode multiple times, with the exception of Voyager. Voyager was pretty bad, suffering from a bad concept, bad scripts and bad acting.

  8. Maybe it was the long drawn out masterbatory shots of the Enterprise in the first film that turned me off so much but I’ve always found Star Trek boring. Nothing about it seems exciting in the least and William Shatner is a horrible actor. I do like the JJ Abrahms movies which means I basically like Star Wars.

  9. If you want controversy, ask about individual franchises. I wouldn’t force DS9 or Voyager on an enemy; however, ToS, TNG, and even the rebooted stuff drown out the other junk. I voted yes.

  10. I’ve liked all the incarnations of Star Trek and, unlike most of your readers, I am old enough to have seen the Original Series during its first run on TV, and I actually met Gene Roddenberry in person and talked to him when he brought the Star Trek blooper reels to the Oregon State Fair back in 1973 – interestingly enough, barely 100 people showed up for the event, but I bet if Gene were still alive and did it today they wouldn’t have been able to crowd in all the people who’d come to see it. Star Trek was inconsistent, ping-ponging its way between episodes like the salt vampire one and the space hippy one and The City on the Edge of Forever and The Trouble With Tribbles, and let’s not even mention the odd-even movie swings, but BEFORE Star Trek came along, virtually all “Sci Fi” on television and in the movies were drek like “The Green Slime” or “Lost in Space” which were generally just rubber suited Monster Movies simply set in space or Giant Radioactive Insect movies. Sci Fi movies with actual characterizations and plots and good stories, like The Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still were as rare as… well… good sci fi on TV. Every good sci fi movie or TV show that has come since, including Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and even Star Wars owes a debt to Star Trek, which in spite of its flaws, almost singlehanded raised Sci Fi above the level of pulp fiction and monster movies. Sure, there was the Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, but those shows were even more “cult” at the time than Star Wars and Star Trek have become, and didn’t have the impact that Star Trek did. I mean, look around you. Cell phones and flip phones – inspired by Star Trek. Automatic doors that slide sideways instead of swinging open and closed using noisy pnumatics – inspired by Star Trek. Computer records on solid state cards – Star Trek did it in the days when real computers used either punched paper tape, punch cards or magnetic tape. Thermometers you stick in your ears instead of up your backside and oxygen sensors you put on your fingers instead of having to have blood drawn – inspired by Star Trek medical scanners. Tablet computers and pads – inspired by Star Trek. Computer control of various functions of car engines – predated by computer control of starship functions. Large screen televisions – we saw them on the bridge of the Enterprise first. Scientists are even seriously working on developing working teleportation and medical scan beds! I’m just glad that the one thing we didin’t get from Star Trek is Computers Which Explode When You Confuse Them. Well, gotta run because I have to use the CAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!

  11. Forgot to mention – if you’ve only seen TOS on television in the last fifteen years, you HAVEN’T seen the original series. They’ve cut as many as ten or fifteen minutes out of each episode – some of the cuts including critical story points – so if you want to see the original series, you really need to watch them on DVD.

    • That is one of my biggest complaints. I’ve watched multiple episodes with my goddaughters and during commercials I would complain that a scene or three was missing just from those last few minutes between the previous commercials.

  12. I didn’t vote, because i’m honestly pretty ambivalent. A lot of my friends are super into it, I certainly don’t hate it, I know a lot of the lore, and I can watch a couple episodes here and there (mostly TOS and TNG), but I wouldn’t mainline every episode.

  13. I personally like Star Trek. In terms of the Three Star Shows, my personal order is Gate > Trek > Wars.

    Favorite season has to be DS9, by far. As great as Picard is, it was interesting to see Star Trek’s take on interstellar war.

  14. Love the original, love the animated, very lukewarm on anything that followed. Next Gen had no spark, it was dull as dishwater. The Battlestar Galactica reboot did a much better job.
    Trek, Farscape, B5 there..

  15. Imagine seeing race riots, campus shootings, presidential assassinations, and the Vietnam Warand the like every night on the evening news day in and day out. Imaging having to sit through that when you’re just a grade school kid. And then imagine how wonder it was when Star Trek came on the air. The show gave a lot of us hope for the future during some pretty bleak times. I think that was one of the main reasons so many people of my generation loved The Original Series so much.

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