In an interview with Variety, Robert Downey, Jr. has dismissed any rumors that he will return for Iron Man 4.

This really doesn’t come as a surprise, as there is wording in one of the unions that if an actor is cast to play the same character in a movie franchise more than three time, that actor has become typecast, and thus it is much harder for that actor to get jobs in the future. The end result is that the cost to hire that actor for the fourth film skyrockets.  Now keep in mind, though there is a Marvel Cinematic Universe, Downey has only been in three Iron Man movies – his appearance as Iron Man in Avengers doesn’t count as Avengers is technically a different property.

There have also been rumors over the last year or so that Marvel/Disney is not pleased that it was already paying Downey a crap tone of money, and if they can find a different actor to play Tony Stark, and save money in the process, we know the studios will go that route in an instant – just ask Terrence Howard.

Those reading the headline from Variety will need to take note that Robert Downey, Jr. isn’t saying there won’t be an iron Man 4, he’s simply saying he won’t be in Iron Man 4.  Though I hope Marvel Studios doesn’t reboot the franchise, it does get my mind spinning on who could or would play Tony Stark in the next Iron Man movie.

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  1. If Marvel continues to have Iron Man in their movies, which the almost certainly will, I don’t want to see an RDJ impression. That is going to be tough without doing a reboot, as the character has become so well defined in the public conscious by his performance.

  2. René Christiansen (@Rugholm86) on

    With two upcoming Avenger movies (with Iron Man) and a lot of other Marvel movies.. I don’t think we need a new Iron Man movie just yet. I could see him coming back for a Iron Man 4 movie in the far future. Like we seen with Indiana Jones ect. The big question is can MCU survive without an Iron Man for the time to pass so that Robert find out that he wants to do a Iron Man movie again and don’t need to be paid “fantasy money”? You could have War Machine taking the role/void after Avengers 3 but again Tony Stark is such a important character now that he would be missed. A reboot is my fear too… It’s just to soon.. I would prefer someone either taking over the suit and becoming Iron Man or someone just fill the void that Tony leaves if he isn’t there.

  3. Harrison Ford’s been typecast twice then!

    RDJr is too good as Stark for a re-cast to be viable from a fan perspective. And the difficulty wth replacing him is all about MCU continuity I think. It might well be a transition to a new Iron Man(my money would be on Rhodes) along with Bucky or Sam as Cap and if we’re lucky, female Thor!
    Any character whose portrayal in comics has been legitimately handled by several people is open to that- Ant Man is another example.
    We’d then see Hawkeye et al transition out and new support characters rotate in I think.

  4. I’m sad, but not at all surprised. I’m kinda hoping they won’t recast and instead shift the focus from Stark to someone else if they must continue the franchise. I’d rather see an Iron Man 4 focusing on War Machine or something than see someone come in and try to imitate RDJ’s Stark.

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