Professor Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters has been home to a lot of remarkable women, from Storm to Kitty Pryde to that one girl with the jets on her head.  But the first and foremost for me was always Jean Grey, telepath/telekinetic and bearer of the Phoenix Force.  She chose Scott Summers, and their wedding was a massive comic event circa 1994.  After her passing (or perhaps technically during the last months of her life and THEN after her passing) Scott was romantically pursued by Emma Frost, The White Queen, who was just as telepathic and just as formidable as his late wife, but with a twist of wicked and snow-colored bondage gear.  These days, some people like to boil a hero down to one aspect or facet, and Cyclops’ is that he’s the boring guy, which leaves some to ask why these women love(d) him.  I can’t answer that, as I am a nerd, not an endocrinologist, but I can at least pose to you today’s interpersonally puzzling query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) hates when people use “Cyclops as boring” as shorthand, and blames Joss Whedon for making it an in-universe complaint as well, asking: Who do you believe is Cyclops’ true love – Jean Grey or Emma Frost?


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  1. It’s gotta be Jean. It’s not even that I hate Emma, it’s just that if Scott was ever one thing, he was painfully, irreversibly in love Jean.

  2. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Somebody has to stand up for Emma.

    Jean was a highschool sweetheart (The only girl at his highschool). With Emma he’s had a much more real and multifaceted relationship which he’s stuck with despite there being other people around as opposed to previously mentioned young-love years. Certainly Jean was his first love but Emma has been his true love. Do any of you think he’d leave Emma if Jean returned to life once again?

  3. My question is more… Is Jean Grey like feeling up Emma’s breast in that photo? Uh…what was I saying? Oh, yeah… Emma because he knows Jean would choose Wolverine anyway.

  4. It’s pretty clear that Scott has the hots for one of the X-boys; there is no way that a man goes from ‘Slim’ to 90’s Cyclops without having some serious man-love. There must be a reason he prefers to “hook-up” with the mind-readers that can know his true fantasies and deal with them.

  5. Emma. Jean was the reason he was uptight to begin with. She was the young, crazy, impulsive girl we knew in our youth – then died – so she was frozen in his mind like that forever. Like how people idolize Marilyn, Morrison or Tupac – we only remember the exciting things and gloss over the failings.

    Emma excepted him for who he was, lived in the shadow of an almost infallible ex and pushed him to be who he wanted to be and not who he was expected to be. She had her own flaws so she accepted Scott’s.

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