Spider-Man 2099 follows his grandfather overseas as the modern day adventures of the futuristic Spider-Man continues!

SM20992014003-DC11-0ace5Spider-Man 2099 #3

Written by Peter David

Art by Will Sliney

Published by Marvel Comics

Cover Price: $3.99


Previously in Spider-Man 2099: Miguel O’Hara is stuck in the 20th century, and his boss, Liz Allan has figured out that he is from the future. What will he do?



Let first start of this review by revealing that I am indeed a huge Spider-Man 2099 fan. I remember discovering the series back when I was a kid, and being drawn in like a fly to flame by that amazing costume design. When Marvel revealed that they were going to bring him back into his own title, I was excited beyond belief.

The first two issues of this series set a nice tone and pace for the story. Issue one leaped us into a solid adventure that had time travel elements mixed in. Issue two left the costume behind to focus on Miguel interacting with the other 20th century tenants of his building. So how did issue three fair?

Well, as much I love Spider-Man 2099, this issue was a little of a let down. Miguel and his grandfather to be travel to foreign country to sell them spider-slayers. Miguel fights against his grandfather, but the CEO will not relent. Allowing Alchemax to further stray down the road of the dark side ensuring that we will eventually see a dark and evil Alchemax corporation in the future. Miguel’s grandfather quickly gets kidnapped which leads Miguel to have to put on his Spider-Man 2099 duds and save the day. Which creates the biggest problem of this issue.

If Spider-Man 2099 is seen in this foreign country won’t it be obvious what his identity is? It’s a plot that anyone who has ever seen the sitcom Three’s Company could have predicted it. Last issue, we had a very smart resolution to Miguel’s secret identity, but in this issue, it seems that Peter David simply wanted to move on.

Peter David usually has a knack for creating smart and humorous adventure tales. His dialogue being tight, and his plots being fresh. Spider-Man 2099 #3 seems to be the issue that he simply turned in to cash a paycheck. Which is sad to a classic Spider-Man 2099 fan like me.



Will Sliney is an excellent successor for this title. He’s got a great knack for capturing emotive expressions. Which is a strength when Miguel spends most of the issue wearing sunglasses. Antonio Fabela performs a muted palette on the backgrounds while always making sure the colors of Spider-Man’s costume pop.



Spider-Man 2099 #3 is not quite as good as its previous issues and very strong debut. If you’re a classic Spider-Man fan, you will still find enjoyment her, but for others, you might want to skip this one.


Spider-Man 2099 #3


Skip it

A lackluster third issue for a book that had been great.

User Rating: 1.13 ( 2 votes)

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