Recently, our Major Spoilers Poll Of The Week brought up ‘Calvin And Hobbes’, once again reminding me how much I miss Bill Watterson on the comics page.  Of course, back when I was reading regularly, Bill was joined by Berke Breathed, Gary Larson and others, all off the grid these days.  Heck, even ‘Doonesbury’ is on hiatus right now.  Of course, it’s not only the comics page that leaves me lamenting missing favorites, as I can’t remember the last thing I saw Eliza Dushku in, which leads us to today’s MIA query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would love to see Rick Moranis back in action, perhaps reviving the McKenzie Brothers with Dave Thomas, asking: What retired pop culture actor or creator would you most like to see return to work?


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  1. Comebacks are a thing that very rarely works in real life, not counting Michael Jordan. I got several pop culture characters I would like to see coming out from retirement, but actually not any creators.

  2. Bill Waterson, definitely.

    No one else really comes to mind. That might have to do with Waterson leaving while at the top of his game and I can’t think of anyone else that retired while at their peak.

  3. According to a few sources, Georgia Tennant (formerly Georgia Moffett) has apparently retired from acting (though apparently she still works behind the camera in some capacity and in radio), which really makes me sad because I was REALLY hoping for a future appearance of The Doctor’s daughter Jenny. They could always recast, but there was something awesome about the fact that The Doctor’s daughter was actually played by the daughter of an actor who had been The Doctor.

    There are also a number of people from various Super Sentai series that have retired from acting that I’d like to see return, mostly since without them they can’t do full team transformation sequences in the current trend of crossovers, such as in Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters.
    Only the red rangers of the two extra past teams transformed via a transformation sequence, and part of this was because actors from both series have retired from acting.

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