BOOM! Studios announces Abigail and The Snowman


BOOM! Studios teased everyone for the last couple of days about something to do with Abigail and her yeti.  Today we learn that the title of the all-ages mini-series is called Abigail and The Snowman.

Abigail_01_Cover-A_LangridgeThe four-issue mini-series tells the story of a 9-year-old girl with a huge imagination who moves to a small town, where she struggles to make friends.

All that changes when she meets a Yeti named Claude who has escaped a top-secret government facility. Abigail and Claude become the best of friends, but to make sure he can truly be free from the “Shadow Men” chasing him, they must go on an adventure to find Claude’s real home!

This sounds like an adorable series from Roger Langridge, which just so happens to be his first creator owned project since the very popular Snarked was released in 2012.  The variant cover for issue #1 is illustrated by Sonny Liew.


Abigail and The Snowman arrives in December!

via BOOM! Studios