This week marks the release of part one of ‘The Death of Wolverine’, a shocking comic book story of which a review can be found here.  As with every comic book death, mourners are lining the streets with candles and hoods to lament the loss of one of our greatest superhero-type legends, assured that this time, the Canucklehead’s time has run out.  With a career that spans more than a century, from his days wearing a night-dress to the inexplicable tiger stripes and back, Wolverine has appeared in many, MANY stories and had thousands of adventures.  Indeed, owing to his status as headmaster of the new Jean Grey School, he has also mentored the heroes of tomorrow in addition to his legion of teenage girl sidekicks.  We will all miss the pointy-haired Canadian hero, and to celebrate his career and history, we’ve crafted today’s memorial query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) knows that there’s no way this momentous occasion will ever be reversed, and so we have come to praise our fallen Logan, asking: What’s YOUR favorite moment starring the soon-to-be-late Wolverine?


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  1. Its hard to pinpoint a single moment, but my favorite Wolverine stories have pretty much always been the ones hes in Japan, perhaps that Miller miniseries and the one with Kitty after that. If Im forced a choose a single moment, then its the battle with Sabretooth in Uncanny X-men #213 when crippled X-Men defend Xavier’s school during the Mutant Massacre. That fight has great energy in it.

  2. i think i speak for a lot of folks when i say “okay bub, you took your best shot….NOW IT’S MY TURN.”

    and yeah, shame that death is permanent in comics.

  3. Does “being half of the Amalgam character Dark Claw” count?

    Otherwise, I have a few.

    From comics, when Spock actually used the Vulcan nerve pinch on him successfully.

    From movies, his short appearance in “X-Men: First Class”, particularly his reply.

    From animation, in the FOX animated “X-Men” series, when Bishop’s device started going off and Wolverine replied “What’s going on? Someone in the future stealing your car?”. I don’t know why, but it cracked me up every time I saw it for years.

  4. One quote which has stuck with me for more than a decade. “So you like push’n around people who’re smaller’n you. Well I’m smaller, try pushin me!”

    I’ve never been a big person, allways was pretty meek. This line pretty much gauranteed that Wolvie was my favorite for most of my run as a fan of x-men.

  5. My favorite would have to be his interaction with the rest of the X-Men and Freedom Force – with the camera crew present – right before the X-Men went into Forge’s tower during Fall of the Mutants. (Uncanny X-Men 226 – had to go back and find the book. lol) He’s ridiculously overused and cliche now, but back then I think it was really at that point for me that I realized there were a lot more facets to his personality than just the typical “I’m a badass, best I am atwharrrblagarblleahh” routine.

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