Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: All-Star Celebrity Edition


This week, while pickin’ my books for our weekly Staff Picks feature, I discovered that a new comic would be launching featuring the adventures of Alice Cooper as the Lord of Nightmares, a book I’m going to be buying for sure.  Indeed, in the long and varied history of comics purportedly featuring the adventures of real people have been a staple of comics for decades.  Uri Gellar notably helped Daredevil defeat a villainous mentalist in the 70s, Roy Rogers and many of his cowboy ilk had their own books in the 40s (indeed, it wasn’t until a recent episode of ‘Zach On Film’ that I realized that Tim Holt was an actual person and not a comic book character), and the entire raison d’être of Bluewater Comics seems to be giving you Wikipedia summaries of celebrities’ lives.  My favorites are the ham-fisted attempts to turn real people into super-heroes, and also that time Muhammad Ali punched out Superman, which leads us to today’s stunt-casted query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a morbid fascination with comics that cross professional wrestlers with superheroes, as they’re utterly ludicrous and will probably spring a terrible WCW Comic as a Retro Review sooner or later, asking: What celebrity personage could make you buy a comic featuring their adventures?