This week, while pickin’ my books for our weekly Staff Picks feature, I discovered that a new comic would be launching featuring the adventures of Alice Cooper as the Lord of Nightmares, a book I’m going to be buying for sure.  Indeed, in the long and varied history of comics purportedly featuring the adventures of real people have been a staple of comics for decades.  Uri Gellar notably helped Daredevil defeat a villainous mentalist in the 70s, Roy Rogers and many of his cowboy ilk had their own books in the 40s (indeed, it wasn’t until a recent episode of ‘Zach On Film’ that I realized that Tim Holt was an actual person and not a comic book character), and the entire raison d’être of Bluewater Comics seems to be giving you Wikipedia summaries of celebrities’ lives.  My favorites are the ham-fisted attempts to turn real people into super-heroes, and also that time Muhammad Ali punched out Superman, which leads us to today’s stunt-casted query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a morbid fascination with comics that cross professional wrestlers with superheroes, as they’re utterly ludicrous and will probably spring a terrible WCW Comic as a Retro Review sooner or later, asking: What celebrity personage could make you buy a comic featuring their adventures?


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  1. Robot-mecha Michael Jackson, shooting lasers and flying in space. Or, horror book featuring Thriller werewolf Michael. Or crossover featuring both.

  2. Weird Al, but only if the book is at least partially written by him. He is very intelligent and has a way with words that many do not see because they think any lunatic can write song parodies, and he has a great sense of humor that remains relatively family friendly without falling back on shock humor like we see quite often these days.

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