SNEAK PEEK: Steven Universe #2


BOOM! Studios releases Steven Universe #2 this week, and Major Spoilers has a sneak peek, just for you!

Steven Universe #2
Writer: Jeremy Sorese
Artist: Coleman Engle

Steven is in the annual Beach City Bike Race, and he and Connie are deep into training mode! But everything gets a little crazy when the Gems get involved, and Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl’s worry about Steven might do more harm than good!

StevenUniverse02_coverA StevenUniverse02_coverB StevenUniverse02_coverC StevenUniverse02_PRESS-4 StevenUniverse02_PRESS-5 StevenUniverse02_PRESS-6 StevenUniverse02_PRESS-7 StevenUniverse02_PRESS-8 StevenUniverse02_PRESS-9 StevenUniverse02_PRESS-10

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