Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Your Super Boss Edition


In the United States, the first Monday in September is designated Labor Day, a holiday to celebrate the contributions of the working class, and also my favorite secondary holiday.  Having worked for a whole lot of jerks in my time, I can tell you that it is possible to be successful even when your immediate overseers are malicious, corrupt, incompetent or inattentive, a situation that makes me happy to have the chance to work at Major Spoilers.  The Robot Overlord may have a history of disintegrations, but he’s pretty consistent in his iron-fisted rule, and doesn’t even mind that I routinely misuse “it’s” for “its.”  Still, fiction is full of examples of people it’d be great to work for: Bruce Wayne, who overpays and doesn’t have time for employee reviews; Reed Richards, as long as you watch out for the times where the Baxter Building is rocketed into space; The Shadow, so long as you’re good with periodic mind-wiping, all of which leads us to today’s bank holiday query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would have picked the option to work for Tony Stark, if only his company didn’t fail every fifteen issues, asking: What fictional character do you think would make the perfect boss?