Major Spoilers Question Of the Day: The Starship Boobyprize Edition


Every good Captain needs a good ship.  Mal had Serenity, Han the Millenium Falcon, Willy the Wonkatania.  All the really good spacefaring adventurers get a spiffy ship with a cool name, and the mooks get the “Twin-Pod Cloud Car.”  If you’re gonna save the galaxy from the evil Prime Minister Zurg, you gotta travel in style, even if your car looks like a trashcan lid with a periscope.  (Sorry, Solo, but somebody had to say it.)  Since your humble MS-QOTD deals entirely in fantasy, with the occasional side-trip to incoherence, it seems that we may have ourselves today’s hyper-drive enabled query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always liked the sound of “The Epoch Weasel”, though the United Starship “Jessie Spano” is also a serious contender, asking: What are you gonna call YOUR awesome starship?