Iron Man 3 Peacekeeper figure from Hot Toys


Hot Toys is still teaming up with Marvel to design figures based off the numerous Mark Armor Suits from Iron Man 3. The latest being Mark XXXVI aka Peacemaker.

Tony Stark’s Riot Control Suit was briefly seen in the House Party Protocol scene in the latest installment of the Iron Man franchise and now it can sit on your shelf! the orange and black color scheme looks fantastic when combined with the distressed metal look and the light-up LED features. The Peacemaker has over 34 points of articulation and comes with multiple parts for you to put the figure in any position you may want.

Unfortunately, no price or delivery date has been announced yet for this figure, but the disappointing news doesn’t stop there as currently Hot Toys says it will only be available in certain markets. No further explanation of which markets that would be so keep you fingers crossed and hope you get lucky.

via Hot Toys