New Attilan under siege! Your first look at Inhuman #6


Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Inhuman #6 arrives at the end of September, but we have your first look, right now!

INHUMAN #6 (JUL140644)
Art & Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
Variant by JOE MADURIERA (JUL140645)
Medusa has poured the blood, sweat and tears of her people into rebuilding her civilization and protecting her people. Residing in the waters of the Hudson River, New Attlian stands as a shining beacon of Inhuman reconstruction. And she will not see it taken from her so easily! The Unspoken, former ruler of the Inhumans, has invaded the sovereign Inhuman nation and taken it by force! With all the Inhuman royal family held captive, it’s up to the new Inhumans to test their mettle! Young and inexperienced with powers yet beyond their control, what hope do the NuHumans have against the Unspoken’s forces?

Inhuman_6_Cover Inhuman_6_Preview_1 Inhuman_6_Preview_2 Inhuman_6_Preview_3 Inhuman_6_Preview_4

Inhuman #6 arrives September 24, 2014.

via Marvel