With the recent debut of the Twelfth Doctor, the creators seem to be actively combating the perception that its central characters are a romantic couple, something that I’m fully behind as a viewer.  Sure, there are great moments to be had with that concept, but I think it’s good to try another tack.  Some of the best Doctor/Companion interactions had no romantic overtones at all, and it’s perfectly valid for our hero to want to travel through space and time with a good friend, a protegée or even (GASP!) a dude.  Indeed, if I were The Doctor myself, first of all, they’d have to let out Colin’s patchwork coat quite a bit, but more importantly, I’d want someone like Leela or Ace with me, someone who could handle the physical side of things in adventuring and leave me to be clever and sort of marvelous, which leads us to today’s perfectly-paired query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) figures it’s pretty much going to be me and either She-Hulk or Heidi Klum saving the universe, asking: If you were the last of the Time Lords (or Time Ladies), who would you choose to be your companion throughout space and time?


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  1. Steve Shumaker on

    I would like to have someone like Jamie McCrimmon with me. Jamie and the 2nd Doctor were not only traveling together, they were great friends. Jamie was not afraid to stand up for the Doctor and he was willing to learn. He was my favorite old series companion. The new series is due for a guy.

  2. I have a few choices based on a few different variables.

    Real Beings: My goddaughter Steph, because we have something similar to a twin bond and don’t even have to speak to know what the other is thinking, and I think we tend to work really well together at causing or getting out of trouble. I’d also bring along my pets Daksi (black cat) and Kay (black bunny) because they are awesome and need adventures too. Plus, they seem to think they are my protectors and probably wouldn’t let me leave without them anyway.

    Fictional Beings (Non Doctor Who Settings): A Twi’lek and Dark Elf dancing girls, because if I’m going to have adventures in time and space, I want them to be sexy adventures in time and space. I’d also like to bring along Rayne from the webcomic “Least I Could Do” because I need someone as crazy as I am to relate to.

    Fictional Beings (Doctor Who Setting): A couple of cute Catkind girls. Kroton (a Cyberman who retained his sense of self in the Doctor Who comics), Jenny (the Doctor’s clone daughter) and Osgood (the cute nerdy girl from the 50th anniversary special).

    Fictional Beings (Doctor Who Fanfiction): Tria, my Time Lady that pilots a TARDIS created from the remnants of three separate TARDIS remans of different models (which causes it to sort of have multiple personalities and very little accuracy at where/when it goes) and travels with a defective Dalek that had it’s casings rebuilt to be defensive rather than offensive (and looks almost like a steampunk R2 unit).

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