Image Comics shows off pages from Low #3


With Low #2 sailing into a second printing, Image Comics was kind enough to send us sample pages from issue #3, so you know what to expect.

LOW #3 picks up with Stel Caine’s effort to save mankind. She’s going to do the unthinkable, something that hasn’t been done in millenia: walk on the Earth’s surface. But before she can rise from the depths of the ocean, she must first help her son rise from the suffocating emotional darkness in which he wallows.

“We’re thrilled by the incredible reaction, it’s more than we could have hoped for,” said Remender in response to the news of issue #2’s sell-out and 2nd printing. “Low has been years in the making so seeing all the hard work paying off, it’s wonderful. Many thanks to the faithful readers and retailers for the huge support.”

low01 low02 low03 low04

Low #3 arrives September 24, 2014.

via Image Comics