Veronica’s Hot Fashions


How do you follow up Betty’s Cool Fashions? With Veronica stepping into the spotlight and showing off her hot fashions.


Trendy, sexy, always on the cutting edge—that’s Veronica Lodge’s approach to fashion! She’s Riverdale High’s leading fashionista, and is always eager to prove it. There’s nothing she can’t pull off, no matter what the cost! Let Ronnie give you her own personal runway show with over 100 pages of her hottest fashions. Can her BFF Betty even hope to compete?

VeronicasHotFashions-0 VeronicasHotFashions-3 VeronicasHotFashions-4 VeronicasHotFashions-10 VeronicasHotFashions-12 VeronicasHotFashions-13

via Archie Comics