I’m not sure how many actual mutants are left in the Marvel Universe (at one point, they claimed 198, which was immediately revised when someone realized there are more Wolverine knockoffs than that, and that the team rosters would have to change eventually), but they’re slowly being supplanted by Inhumans, a phenomenon which many attribute to Marvel not holding the movie rights to the X-Men.  Regardless, in the fifty-odd years since the X-Men first debuted, we’ve seen an awful lot of mutants, and in recent years it has become a running theme that one’s power reflects one’s true inner self, kind of like George RR Martin’s ‘Wild Cards’ novel series.  Of course, this doesn’t always lead to legendary characters, (sorry, Maggott) nor does it make for good super-heroes, but it does lead us to today’s superiorly homogenous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) won’t be using my go-to mutant, as he originally wasn’t a mutant at all, and I don’t hold with all that retconnin’ nonsense, asking: If you were one of Marvel’s mutants, what power would best fit your personality?


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  1. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Control freak that I am and seeing as I’m more curious than a bad physicist’s cat, my answer is the classic telepathy-combo of mind reading (I do love to read) and mind control (I have on occasion talked my way out of tickets to the awe and confusion of my peers). Besides whether I’m good at it or not I do seem to spend a lot of time convincing people do things they can’t be bothered to do.


    But then is that personality or just the power we’d all pick anyway?

    How about YOU Matthew.

  2. I think I kinda already have a little bit of Scarlet Witch’s probability manipulation because I seem to have some incredibly unrealistic luck. I haven’t won the lottery or met Asian triplets who fell instantly in love with me or anything (yet), but I seem to be able to get out of bad situations and survive things that I probably shouldn’t have. Even when I was going through treatment for Leukemia as a kid, they kept saying I would unlikely survive to age 11 if I survived this procedure or that operation, and here I am still kicking at 34 (either that or I look REALLY good for a dead chick).

    And although I’m not one of Marvel’s, I technically am a mutant already. Not a superpowers mutant (unless you count my insanely high tolerance for anesthesia that always surprises doctors), but I do have a mutation in my blood that makes me allergic to human blood. I can still have transfusions, but the blood has to go through a lengthy process (that not all hospitals are equipped for) before I can get it since there is something in almost everyone else’s blood that can kill me. And it is such a rare thing that many doctors have never even heard of it, including a few who didn’t believe me until they got my medical info from my primary doctor.

  3. Unfortunately, since I’m pretty much built like Wolverine and have about the same attitude and disposition I’d be one of the aforementioned “Wolverine knock-offs”. Except southern instead of Canadian. More like a “Bear-cat” (wildcat).

  4. My mutant abilities were actually revealed in uncanny x-men issue # 470 (letters page) which was the ability to communicate telepathically with stuffed animals unfortunately I lost my abilities due to the events of M day.

  5. For me its Xavier’s powers. I love to be right and debate when I am not. If i had the Prof’s abilities I could just mind hump away all of those who couldnt concede my rightness! LOL

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