Brainstorm #1 arrives this week


It’s always good to see a new publisher appear on the scene, and this week, FutureDude Entertainment premieres its first book, Brainstorm.

brainstormThe story follows a young scientist named Dr. Cale Isaacs who has created Project Zephyr – a successful weather control system that, after being funded by the  U.S. Military, is eventually confiscated and used on a tropical storm. When the test goes awry, the resultant hurricane grows to epic and unfathomable proportions – eventually encompassing the Northern Hemisphere. As it evolves, it appears to act out of self-preservation and even strike with purpose – becoming a raging sentient superstorm.

Raging. Sentient. Superstorm. You know you want this book more than anything…

The first issue has a $3.99 price tag, and is available from comiXology.