Marvel Avengers: Alliance gets a bit Inhuman by adding Medusa


Marvel announced yesterday that you can add an Inhuman to your Marvel Avengers: Alliance game in the form of Medusa yesterday!

Marvel seems to be pushing the Inhumans currently in the game as the company suggest purchasing Medusa to help you quickly unlock Karnak. Yes, I did say purchase because that is how many “free” games work now. Medusa will cost players 90 Command Points, which will also unlock her abilities as an Infiltrator.

Why is Marvel pushing heavy on the Inhumans? Could it be because they are planting seeds for the upcoming announcement of an Inhumans movie? That surely is the 100% truth, with no other possible explanation.

Of course, you should always feel free to speculate on these matters more down in the comments.

Here is Medusa’s official bio:

Though often serving as the voice for her mute husband, Black Bolt, many believe that Queen Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon is the true ruler of the Inhumans. Her imperious bearing and resolute leadership are well-suited to the challenges her people face. But when a more-violent solution to those challenges is required, her psycho-kinetically controlled hair can be formed into tentacles, shields, and blades stronger and sharper than steel.

via Marvel