Munchkin Gloom announced


Steve Jackson Games is announcing all sorts of cool things at Gen Con this week. First it was Munchkin Steampunk with art by Phil Foglio, and today we learn that Munchkin Gloom is on the way.

“What is Gloom?” you ask.


The game is for two to four players who each are given control of an eccentric family. The object of the game is to lower the self-worth points of the player’s own family with cards that cause negative events, eventually killing them. At the same time, positive points are played on opponent’s family members. After one family is completely killed off, the player with the lowest Family Value (the total points of all dead family members) is the winner of the game.


“The best part of Gloom is telling the saddest story, explaining how your family has it worse than anyone else,” said Gloom designer Keith Baker in a statement from Steve Jackson Games. “Whose lives could be more miserable than the monsters of Munchkin, who spend their days waiting for some obnoxiously overpowered adventurer to kick down their door and take their stuff?”

“Gloom is all about killing your own characters in the most creative, depressing ways possible,” said Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Czar. “No game has as many creative ways to kill things as Munchkin does! We can’t wait to see what gamers think of this combination.”

Munchkin Gloom is expected to arrive in 2015.

via Steve Jackson Games