Are you reading She-Hulk?  If not, don’t feel bad because not many are.  You just may be missing out on one of the better Marvel titles.  It’s not really a superhero comic though.  Just what is it?  Maybe the following review can help you with that.

She Hulk_7_coverSHE-HULK #7
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Javier Pulido
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Muntsa Vicente
Editor: Jeanine Schaefer, Sana Amanat
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in She-Hulk: After investigating the “Blue File” which involved a lawsuit against multiple heroes and villains including She-Hulk, Shulkie is back to life as normal.  As normal as a big green lawyer’s can be.


She-Hulk #7 is essentially the aforementioned Rick Moranis movie only with She-Hulk, Hellcat and Hank Pym in place of annoying kids.  She-Hulk is tasked with finding one of her neighbors who has helped create a shrinking device and is in hiding.  He’s hiding because he doesn’t want to sell the idea to the buyer his partner is in talks with.  It’s a kooky story and when compared to previous issues and somewhat disappointing.  Charles Soule has stuck with legal type stories until now and this issue feels out of place.  That’s not to say it’s a total stinker.  The humor works well, with Hank Pym being snatched by a sparrow after warning She-Hulk and Hellcat on the dangers of sparrows being the standout.  It’s a simple done in one but nothing really made an impression.  Seeing She-Hulk and Hellcat fighting giant ants and cats really didn’t do it for me.  The whole legal and mystery nature of the previous issues is lost in favor of an adventure story which loses what makes the title special.  While that may not be what most readers want in their superheroes, Soule was doing something original and I hope he brings those elements back.  The newly wrinkled Steve Rogers shows up at the end, so there may be some promise.


Javier Pulido’s style certainly divides people, even myself.  He draws some really cool things that is unique but odd looking.  I find myself loving it at times and wincing at others.  Giant Hank Pym fixing a wind turbine was fun as was some of the scenes involving shrunken Shulkie and Hellcat but action doesn’t appear to be one of Pulido’s strengths.  Out of all the issues he’s drawn this was my least favorite.  The pose She-Hulk has while leaping is bizarre and looks more like she’s squatting.  It’s unfortunate because the art was another element that made this a different book from others but is also working against it.  Hopefully future stories will play more to Pulido’s strengths because this one didn’t quite work.


I’ve been enjoying She-Hulk and disappointed in seeing how few readers it has.  Up till now it’s been the most non-superhero book starring a superhero.  Charles Soule writes a more fantastical story this issue but it doesn’t work and is basically “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” starring She-Hulk.  Pulido’s art style doesn’t work with action and hurts the issue even more.  This issue isn’t going to change detractor’s opinions, that’s for sure.  Hopefully Soule will stick with what made this title special.  Of course that could be the major turnoff for some, which is unfortunate because this is a title that deserves to last more than twelve issues.


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  1. oh my god that is an ugly cover. i’ll be over here reading my Peter David She-Hulk comics… there have been a number of terrible artistic desicions made during this “marvel NOW!” era, and this is just another one.

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