Warner Bros. moves Batman v Superman to March 2016


When it comes time for two powerhouses to stand toe-to-toe, someone is going to blink. Marvel Studios went up against Warner Bros. on the release dates for Batman v Superman and Captain America 3, and the WB backed down.

The news comes from Variety who broke the story earlier today. Warner Bros. has decided to move up the release of its superhero film from May 06, 2016 to March 25, 2016.  Though Captain America: Winter Solider opened in April of this year, the March time frame is an odd one for Warner Bros. to take.  Looking back, March 2014 had such winners as Better Living Through Chemistry, Divergence, Bad Words, and Noah.  According to Rotten Tomatoes, March 2013 saw 20 movies released, with a Rotten Tomatoes Average of 41%. Ten of those movies received a rating of less than 40%. And do we really need to remember the March 2012 release of John Carter?

Typically, February sees the worst movies hit theaters, with January close behind as studios dump their movies they have little faith in during those months. March starts the turn around into Summer, but Batman v Superman coming out at the end of the month, right at the tail-end of spring break, means one of two things A) the movie isn’t as good as we hoped it would be or B) Warner Bros. is risking success on the doldrums of the season. The LEGO Movie, for example, broke the box office in February 2014, and with that success, it could be a sign that the right movie, released at just the right time, could result in box office gold.  If I were a betting person, my guess is Warner Bros. is banking on that specific weekend release to push all other movies out of the way, and hoping the success carries to Memorial Day weekend.