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  1. I’d say Aquaman is better known to the general public. Admittedly, it’s mainly because he is thought of as being a bit crap (I disagree), but he is thought of. Sub-Mariner may have a slightly longer legacy, but he hasn’t permeated pop-culture in the same way the Fish Whisperer has.

  2. I voted for Aquaman, Only for the fact that he is used as a pun or joke, and there has been more mainstream stuff with him in it. To be honest I loved Aquaman when I was growing up and watching Super Friends. I always want to be him!

  3. Easily Aquaman. More big time appearances across multiple shows and platforms. Most recently the Injustice game. But we all know the Brave and the Bold version reigns supreme.

  4. Aquaman gets my vote. He has been on TV since I was a kid. The superfriends and Justice League followed by the Brave and the Bold. Plus videogames he had his own game once for the Gamecube and the Xbox. Plus the recent MK like game Injustice.

  5. Aquaman, since the 60s he’s been in shows somewhat consistently. Superfriends, Superman:TAS, Justice League Unlimited, Brave and the Bold.

    And honestly for better or worse a more recognizable costume

  6. While I personally think the Sub-Mariner is a more interesting character, I would have to say Aquaman is by far the more generally recognized character. I remember him from Superfriends on Saturday morning. The name is also much easier to remember. Aquaman it is.

  7. Aqua man is the butt of jokes many times over. The general publics response to the sub mariner would be: Who?

  8. Matticus Finch on

    Definitely Aquaman. I doubt that most people could name a specific storyline that he has participated in, but everyone has seen him on the Superfriends, or lampooned on Robot Chicken. He is part of the collective consciousness of at least America. My impression is that the Sub-Mariner is basically an unknown.

  9. Daniel Langsdale on

    Aquaman is unquestionably better known, i’m not even sure why you’re asking this.

    Name recognition does not always equal popularity or potential for ticket sales. In Aquaman’s case, I think that the name recognition might work against a box office draw because most of the current day public’s recognition of the character seems to take him as a joke, but he isn’t a joke to fans of the character. So pretty much however you decided to adapt him, you’d likely have alienated a large fraction of your audience by not meeting their expectations.


  10. Honestly, the only time I’ve heard the Sub-Mariner come up in conversation is when people are talking about Aquaman and need a hero to compare him to.

  11. Aquaman. My basis is solely from various conversations with people over the years where at least half the time I have to explain who Namor is (occasionally even to self-proclaimed Marvel die-hards), but I’ve never had to explain who Aquaman is.

  12. I feel that Namor is the better character, but Aquaman is the way more recognizable character. He has been on how many cartoon shows and DC animated movies. Plus who doesn’t recognize the Orange top and Green pants. No matter what the clothes look like. Even on Smallville when you saw Arthur you knew who he was without hearing the Aquaman name. Namor I don’t feel that is true about.

  13. JasonLeclair on

    I would also say Aquaman, but not because of all his showings but because he has become the butt of so many jokes. So many people rag on him only being able to talk to fish i think more people know of him for that.

    that said i like Namor better but this is who is more known and that would be the Orange king of Atlantis not the pointy eared one with wings on his keels.

  14. Not a very interesting question, since it’s obviously Aquaman. He had a TV show and, on the other side, I would have a hard time finding ANYONE who knows Namor at all.
    The thing is, I don’t think that plays in Aquaman’s favor. Living in the sidelines of the comicbook world could make Namor a much more interesting character on screen: he goes though life in a speedo, he is a cryptonian level dude and he is a bit of bastard (with some real SOB moments). Put on screen by Marvel it might be fantastic! While Aquaman is still a guy who talks to dolphins in the imaginaton of the world.
    This guy, along with Black Bolt, are some of my favorite Marvel characters because they can go in interesting “breaking bad” directions and they are absolute bad a****s.

    • To be fair, Namor did have his own segment of a Marvel animated series in the mid 60’s. A few older fans I know (such as the guy who co-owned the comic shop I used to frequent) cited that as getting them interested in the character.

      It is a shame that in recent years (meaning pretty much my entire lifetime) he’s been relegated to guest star or special appearance in any TV appearances.

  15. One was in Super Friends and the JLU tv-series, the other is mostly known as a failed love interest for Invisible Woman and getting crushed by a whale… Take a wild guess XD

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