With a street date of last October, it has now been one full year since DC Comics cancelled the Legion of Super-Heroes, one of their oldest and most revered titles.  Of course, given the state of the LSH at the time, it seems less a cold-hearted move than an act of mercy, but I’m still not quite over the idea that the adventures of Batwing were quantitatively superior to even Levitz’ weird, apocalyptic nonsense.  (Of course, the real problem is that they set up the return with Silver Age-style adventures spearheaded by Geoff Johns, who then handed the monthly book over to Levitz, who jettisoned the majority of what got people interested in the book again to rehash his own Bronze Age stories without fully reintroducing the concepts and cast..  But, that’s another story.)  With the Legion having been off the grid for a year or so, I actually expect that in DC’s next couple of expansion periods, we’ll see the team’s return (Has Justice League 3000 gotten axed yet?), with a lot of fanfare and undoubtedly too much focus on the founding three members, which leads to today’s revenant query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) understands that times change, and that not every book can go on forever, but fandom cannot subsist on variations of Superman and Batman alone, asking: What inactive or cancelled property would you most like to see get a revival in whatever medium spawned it?


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  1. I’m not sure if it counts, but I’m really hoping MGM reverses their decision to shelve the Stargate SG-1 continuity so they can make the SG-1/Atlantis movie they had in pre-production, as well as throw in some answers to what happened with the crew of Destiny after the cliffhanger finale of SGU since they were also going to do a wrap-up movie before the whole Stargate SG-1 continuity got shelved. I know it seems more and more unlikely now that they are talking about a reboot of the film franchise, but I can always hope for one last visit to the SG-1 continuity.

    I also think it is about time we had a new Star Trek TV series. While I’d prefer something in the main continuity (the one that old Spock disappeared from), I wouldn’t mind something set in the alternate timeline of the new movies (perhaps something based around Starfleet Academy). Ideally, though, I’d LOVE an anthology Trek series that explored different areas of the Trek setting past, present, future and parallel.

  2. Those who’ve read my reviews and staff picks regularly (which is probably no one) know I’m still upset over Marvel cancelling Fearless Defenders. Best all women team book I’ve read in a while. Plus, all the characters were awesome and have rarely been seen since as far as I know.

  3. I”m all for a Legion reboot. Otherwise, the world needs more of the following: The Critic, Duckman, Undergrads, Clone High, etc.

    • I’ve always kinda hoped they would make a web series or something where Jay Sherman reviews real movies, maybe a weekly/monthly thing where he reviews a few new DVD releases or the new hyped blockbusters. Even if it were made of reused footage in the way of “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”, it’d be LOADS better than most other movie review shows.

  4. +1 SG-1/SGA movie.
    My revival got canned by Marvel. Alpha Flight was first an 8 issue mini, then a full-fledged series, then demoted again to a mini with the “Marvel Implosion”.

  5. Darren Appel on

    I too hope for a return to greatness for the legion of super-heroes but if I have to see 3 teenagers crash on Korbal again …

  6. I gotta say, Legion of Super-Heroes. For Marvel I would like to see more What If? or Exiles. And I would just love to see a Flash Gordon show/web series/movie.

  7. Avengers would be nice. The _real_ Avengers, I mean. The LSH would be even better. Superman, better yet. I have read hardly any Superman since the mid 1990s, I think.

  8. There is a distressing lack of TV space opera right now I’d like to see something new from a defunct franchise, Space Above and Beyond, Stargate, Star Trek even Lost in Space (just not a grim/dark reboot please)

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