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  1. Saw it this morning. Bradley Cooper KILLS it as Rocket Raccoon. Just great. The rest of the cast is pretty awesome and Groot is captured just right. Honestly, give me a Rocket and Groot movie and I’d be happy.

    To be quite honest – I did not find Ronan menacing at all, Yondu irritating to listen to. Djimon Hounsou would have made a better overall villain in my opinion.

    Overall I loved it and will try to see it a second time to fuel Marvel’s machine.

    Raccoon with a shotgun! *drops the microphone*

  2. Back from seeing this about hour ago. Very nice and entertaining adventure movie, all the characters were sympathetic misfits and humour worked really well. Definitely one of the best Marvel films. Only downside was that Ronan really felt like a “mini-boss” before the real big guy, Thanos.

  3. Wow, I thought that was one of the better comic book movies, and up there for one of the best movies this year. Not sure if it tops Cap 2 or Apes, but it was a damn good time.

  4. Really solid film, tied with Winter Soldier for favorite Marvel movie right now. Chris Pratt needs to be in more things. Zoe Saldana was wonderful, the whole cast really. Ronan was kind of eh, but the rest of the movie carries it. (Also favorite post credits scene.)

  5. This movie was just fun. A LOT of fun! The jokes were always funny (even those I had already seen in one of the 7754 trailers), the action was accelarating, music was great, effects were incredible and everyone on the movie is hot. Somehoiw the final challenge didn’t feel like a won fight from the beggining, even of Ronan is extremely 2 dimentional… AAAnd the intro was AWESOME, I usually don’t go for the 3D thing, but this really worked! Do yourself a favor and see it a second time in 3D, srsly.
    Also, pelvic sorcery.

  6. Daniel Langsdale on

    – Good, solid, fun film. No OMGAwesome moments like Avengers, but lots of little bits of fun that add up to a good flick.

    – The soundtrack was good, but sometimes distracting. Like, I totally missed the explanation of the details of their plan for the climactic battle because I was too busy listening to “Cherry Bomb.” So I just pretended that they didn’t have a plan, and since they pretty much never did it felt okay.

    – While Rocket & Groot were scene-stealers, I kind of expected that anyway. What was more unexpected from me was wanting more of Bautista’s Drax. I like how his whole character is baldly honest, both in his martial brutality and his metaphor-free understanding of language.

    – The Guardian’s character that I most wanted to see but was afraid would be forgotten was, indeed, NOT forgotten, and Cosmo graced the screen not once, but TWICE! And while really only a brief cameo, they managed to include the animosity with Rocket, which was nice.

    – The post-credit scene brought me to an epiphany: The real reason that Disney bought Marvel and Lucasfilm was to get their hands on Howard the Duck! Since the way-back-when time that they tried to put the kibosh on him as infringing on Donald but couldn’t, do much more than force Howard to wear pants, they’ve been plotting & scheming to get their mitts on the duck-stuck-in-a-world-he-never-made! If you can’t beat him, have him join you, I suppose.

  7. The Guardians of the Galaxy was an wonderfully fun and entertaining film. As a new reader of comics and a casual movie-goer, I found the characters likeable and incredible enjoyable. Humor played a larger part than I expected, but that didn’t worsen the movie for me. Rocket was a fun and hilarious character, along with the always amazing Groot. Drax had an unexpected humor and compassion to his character. Ms. Gamora was strong and affable, as well. Chris Pratt as Starlord was wonderful! Now that I mumbled and ranted on, I just want to say it was a solid movie that will bring joy to many people!

  8. Very solid movie. A bit heavy-handed with the Power Gem.
    The voice-acting was well done. There are some YouTube clips out there of Vin Diesel recording his lines in multiple languages. Very entertaining.
    Also, any movie that matches a preparation montage and power walk to Cherry Bomb gets an automatic 4/5 starts, in my book.

  9. Went into this not know really anything about the comic characters. I enjoyed the movie enough that I came out of it wanting to see more. Overall my kids and I enjoyed the heck out of this movie. All of the characters were insanely likable and my daughter went into it for Rocket and came out of it a Groot fan. Over all there wasn’t a character I didn’t like. I’m seeing comments about Ronan being a weak spot but with no comic history to pull from I think Marvel did the right thing making him lower than Thanos but still a major threat.

    4.5/5 One of my favorite Marvel movies to date.

    And yes…Pelvic Sorcery was a great line :)

  10. It was very well made and incredibly fun, Hell the sound track alone is worth the price of admission!

    The one thing I thought I might really dislike was Knowhere without Cosmo, but I was pleasantly surprised : P

    It kinda bugs me how Ronan is the bad guy given his past with the Guardians in the comics, also the Nova corps could not be more useless and bland.

    I really hope they get a better treatment in the future, a Nova is imbued with the Nova force and is to be feared, not some space cop with a tazer…

    • My guess is, after the threat to Xandar, the Nova Corps will feel the need to up their capabilities for GOTG 2. This was ‘their’ battle of New York, they’ll need their own ‘Avengers’ maybe? Good movie. Better than the last 3 Star Wars, and last 2 Trek movies as far as space opera goes.

  11. When Guardians was announced, I had no knowledge of the history behind them so I decided to read the comics. I read all of Annihilation through The Thanos Imperative, so pretty much everything Guardians of the Galaxy and all that ties into their universe.

    First of all, I want to say that I loved the movie. It was really fun, and my wife loved it as well (she was upset with me that I remained silent as she was weeping tears over Groot because I knew he wasn’t really dead). Great film, great casting, and excellent storytelling.

    However, with the comics fresh in my mind, I did have some issues:
    – Drax. In the comics, Drax the Destroyer was a human whose family was killed by Thanos. He was resurrected by other Titans to kill the Mad Titan (Thanos). That is his one drive. I was sort of okay with them changing his target to Ronan for the purposes of the film (since he was the “bad” guy), but I don’t get the whole “his race” line. He doesn’t have a “race,” he is one of a kind…

    – Ronan. I love Ronan in the comics. He has a very complex personality, and I wouldn’t consider him to be an evil person (which is how he was portrayed in the movie). To put it in D&D terms, I would say that he’s Lawful Neutral/Evil. He is an Accuser, and everything he does is for Kree. The movie made him much more like a Chaotic Evil person. He was very one dimensional and I didn’t understand his motives. How was what he was doing uphold the Kree way of life? What was his overall goal with respect to his fellow Kree? It just didn’t feel like Ronan… Why did he want to destroy Xandar. Did I miss something?

    – Xandar. Where the hell was the Nova Force? Why even have Xandar in the film if you aren’t going to have the Nova Force? This made no sense to me.

    Final thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but feel like it could have been better and better aligned to the comic universe. Maybe instead of pitting Ronan against the Xandarians, they should have had him going after the Shi’ar or the Skrulls. They could have just as easily had Starlord’s fence be on a Shi’ar or Skrull world. Also, I really wanted to see Richard Rider.

  12. Guardians of the Galaxy is a great movie..far beyond the expectations I had going in. Movies and comics are different mediums..they can’t match up exactly and I don’t expect them to. I haven’t read any Guardians of the Galaxy comics, but I’d like to after seeing this movie. I know they will be different, but it’ll be fun playing, ‘it’s that guy’ or ‘there’s where that reference came from’.

    I thought the cast did a great job, especially Chris Pratt, who I thought while watching, was the first actor I’d ever seen who, in my opinion, could play an Indiana Jones or Han Solo as a worthy successor to the awesome Harrison Ford.

    As I watched this movie, it seemed familiar, but something that I hadn’t seen done right in a very very long time. A vast galaxy that felt real and alive..off the charts strange, sure, but the seams didn’t show. The characters in some odd way were relatable with their weirdness accentuating it. The laughs and not taking itself too serious was done perfectly. The fun ride I want to take out amongst the stars.

    As for the complaints about Ronan..I didn’t notice the problem. Could be because I didn’t have any foreknowledge, or maybe because I was so enthralled by everything else that I loved. I thought the movie played it right to make Ronan a powerful thereat, but obviously secondary to Thanos. Ronan ticked up several notches when he took the Infinity Stone, especially going against really just regular mortals. I think the line the movies walks leaves room for the more imminent threat of Thanos to carry the weight that it deserves.

    My bottom line is this is the best Marvel movie yet. A movie that I can see myself wanting to watch over and over. The soundtrack was woven into this movie in the perfect, most organic way that I can ever remember seeing. It’s a very touching movie..had me worried that people would see me drying my eyes lol. Just all I could ever hope for in a movie, more really since I had no idea how an animated raccoon could ever work :)

    Five slices of the ol’ meatloaf from this guy!!

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