Arrow casts Wildcat for season 3


There are a number of characters coming to season 3 of Arrow – The Atom, Ra’s al Ghul, and now, Ted “Wildcat” Grant.

During the San Diego Comic Con panel, we learned that Wildcat would introduced this season, but today we learn Warner Bros. has hired J.R. Ramirez to play Wildcat in the upcoming season.


Wildcat_grantCreated by writer Bill Finger and designed by illustrator Irwin Hasen, Grant’s Wildcat first appeared in Sensation Comics # 1 (January 1942). A world-class heavyweight boxer, Grant became inadvertently entangled in the criminal underworld and developed a costumed identity to clear his name.

Modern depictions of Wildcat show him to be a rowdy tough guy with a streak of male chauvinism, leading to frequent clashes with the relatively progressive Power Girl, as well as exploring some of the character’s insecurities. Meanwhile, a magical “nine lives” spell has explained his vitality at an old age. Like many older JSA members, he has been a mentor to younger heroes, particularly Batman and Black Canary.

Previously, Ramirez has been on Power, Emmily Owens M.D. and 90210.

If you didn’t see the previous post, here’s the teaser trailer that was shown at Comic Con.

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via Deadline