The summer is almost over, and the thought of back to school sales, the start of the holiday spending season, and the drudgery of what studios will be releasing in theaters between September and November has us done. Fortunately, Guardians of the Galaxy opens this weekend, and we are excited about seeing it!


Are you going to see Guardians of the Galaxy on opening weekend? (comment here)

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  1. It’s very fitting that you chose the picture of a crying baby for the ‘No’ section of this poll. I’ll be taking care of my kid while my wife is out of town, so no opening weekend for me. One day he’ll be old enough to go, and that will be awesome.

  2. You bet! Already have my ticket purchased for Friday, 9:30 a.m. regular screen showing. There will still be some crowds, but skipping 3D / IMAX will hopefully give me a comfortable viewing. Hoping it’s good enough to take my son to the next week!

  3. Nope closest theater is 45 minutes away and I don’t enjoy packed theaters so I’ll see it Wednesday after I pick up my comics.

  4. Most likely not. I’m attending a dance workshop and performances this weekend and won’t have time for a movie too. But I’ll be trying to see it as soon as I can!

  5. I’m gonna see it next week with my step-dad. neither of us likes crowds so we’ll probably see it in the afternoon.

  6. No, but not for lack of wanting. With all my bills (medication costs, hospital/doctor bills, normal bills and that pesky need to eat food to survive), I just cannot justify the costs of going to the movies except on very, very rare occasions. Even the cheap early showings on weekends are outside my justifiable cost range. Unless someone decides pay my entrance for me, I’ll most likely be waiting for the DVD.

  7. Unless plans change, it ain’t gonna happen. I gots me a 5-year-old and baby sitters is just plain too expensive. I want to though.

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