Moonstone Books has announced it is rereleasing Will Murray’s Doc Savage: The Frightened Fish that hasn’t been in print in over 20 years.

Doc Savage: The Frightened Fish HC novel
Author: Will Murray
Cover: Doug Klauba
6” x 9”, 160pgs, squarebound HC, $19.99
Never published in hardcover before, and the paperback has been out of print for over 20 years!
This tale takes place near the end of Doc Savage’s amazing career. The tone of the story and the characterization of the characters are consistent with the later work of Lester Dent. In “The Frightened Fish”, working from story notes by Lester Dent, Will Murray presents us with a story of the early Cold War, and a sequel to Lester’s 1948 masterpiece, The Red Spider, in which a more mature and emotionally sophisticated Man of Bronze tackles an international threat which resonates with today’s ecologically-challenged headlines. Characters from his past reappear, and Doc Savage is tested in ways never before imagined. In the fifteen year span of Doc’s career, he grew as an individual. Everyone changes and grows over time and so did Doc Savage. The plot in “The Frightened Fish” deals with no less that the possible start of World War III!
An amazing villain returns to again warp the course of history! Doc pulls the Helldiver out of mothballs for a trip across the Pacific to occupied Japan! This edition has a new introduction by the author as well!


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