DC has been debuting weekly comic series over the last year so they decided it would be good to let fans in on what that is like with the creators behind Batman Eternal, Futures End, and Earth 2: World’s End.

Bob Wayne was the moderator for panel with Scott Snyderr, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle HIggins of Batman Eternal, Dan Jurgens and Jeff Lemire from Futures End and Marguerite Bennet and Daniel H. Wilson from Earth 2: Worlds End sitting on the panel.

Everyone wasted no time jumping right in to Batman Eternal, here is what we learned from that:

  • Snyder wanted to do this series so they could tell a story that might not even be finished with 52 issues.
  • Snyder also said that he will be back for the last issues, leaving Tynion IV, Fawkes and Higgins to carry the middle.
  • Batman will return to Eternal in issue #34.
  • The consequences will reverberate through many, many, many books.”
  • Higgins said that he feels like George Pelecanos on The Wire with the section he is writing. Pelecanos wrote the episodes “where everybody dies.”
  • Higgins will be bringing the Architect to the series

After all the Eternal talk, the panel focused on Futures End:

  • The creatives commented on how having many different voices in the mix has allowed them to bring in more characters than would normally happen on a book like this.
  • Jurgens said, “Whenever you put four writers who tend to think the same way about character into a room, you end up with a more homogenous product.”
  • In September the New 52 will all jump forward in to Futures End‘s timeline, which is set five years in the future.

Now on to Earth 2: Worlds End:

  • Wilson wastes no time in saying that there are catastrophic events on the way.
  • Benneet said she was inspired by the work happening with the Eternal team, It’s not just a story of attrition or the death of the world, it’s a story about the people in that world. It’s a story of triumph, of love and hope that’s coming out of the ruins.”
  • The first issue of Worlds End will give an intro detailing what has been happening on Earth 2.
  • Wilson noted that fans might receive some closer from the monthly title if they have been wondering. “What happened to Sam?”

Then it was time for a little bit of Q&A! Here are the highlights.

  • Tyrion said that issues #21-23 for Eternal are a turning point and that Gotham is going to become very dangerous, very quickly.
  • Fawkes added that JIm Gordon, Batwing, Killer Croc and more “will almost come out of Eternal with new lives and finished with “We really want readers to feel that they were reading the story that was sure would destroy Batman and now they know why he can’t be destroyed”
  • Snyder said that Endgame has the largest bombshell they have ever dropped.

And that was that for DC’s The Weeklies panel. Check out the artwork that was shown down below.

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