Marvel has been releasing two new character posters each day, with each fitting into a giant image of the Avengers fighting off the Ultron bots. The posters for Hulk and Thor have just been released and have finished off the battle scene.




Now that all of individual posters have been released, it is time for us all to get ready for what Marvel is going to bring to their Hall H presentation. Marvel is sure to wow us all.

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  1. But…wait…. Thor’s not a girl here! Captain America’s not black! And Quicksilver doesn’t look like he did in the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie!! I’M SO CONFUSED!…. Actually, I’m not. I’m just tired of the “trendy” let’s be diverse thing in the comic books. I mean, damn, why not introduce a new that’s a woman, or black, or hispanic, or whatever and be creative and make it interesting. Nah. Let’s just screw with a character that was perfectly good as The Falcon and a big part of the Captain America: Winter Solider movie and make him Captain America while Steve Rogers loses his steroid…. I mean, Super Solider Serum for the 1000th time (most recent in the “Steve Rogers, Super Solider” series). So, for the present, I’ll stick with my DC comics and forgo the bad DC based movies and forgo the Marvel Comics and watch their Avengers and X-men series movies. (Don’t even get me started on the FF reboot with the Human Torch being black….don’t even get me started.)

    • Why should it matter what race or gender a comic character is? I’m glad for the diversity. Why should Captian America have to be white or Thor a man or Spider-man white? This is not making Steve Rogers a different enethicity it’s giving a different hero the tittle. It was Miles not Peter and Sam not Steve. I don’t see that your argument hold water. It’s not about who wears the mask or cape it’s what they do with it on that matters.

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