The Warner Bros. Hall H panel is currently happening and Zack Synder just showed off the first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Thankfully the director put a high-res image online for us a to see!

Click for super-sized image!

Click for super-sized image!

Holy Explicative. Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman. Who cares about Batman in future DC films after seeing this image? Give us a solo Wonder Woman movie NOW!

Make sure to check out the live updating Warner Bros panel coverage to stay up to the minute on what is happening in San Diego.

via Zack Synder 


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    • That isn’t bad ass. Her sword is thicker than her arm, almost thicker than her leg. And the heels…

  1. I am tired of them washing out the colors on the costumes, first Batman gets a b/w pic now Wonder Woman get a sepia tone.

  2. My hope for Dawn of Justice is that the color will gradually increase throughout the film. As the team comes together to face down whatever it is they will face, this washed out look gives way to a more colorful look, optimistic, heroic look, like when Dorothy gets to Oz.

    I know this style is Snyder’s trademark, but man, is this look tired. I lived through the 90s and grim/dark heroes is tired. The world is a grim and dark place already, just watch the dang news…I like my superheroes…heroic…

  3. I’m still not sure how I feel about this incarnation of Wonder Woman, but I do like the costume. It looks a lot less campy in these colors than a brighter red/blue costume would likely look, yet I can look at it and still instantly recognize that it is Wonder Woman.

  4. I agree with Alisha. Her costume looks a lot more like battle armor, which is appropriate for an Amazon than her star-stangled bustier from the comics. Ms. Gadot makes a stunning Wonder Woman – she looks like what General Grant once said about General Sherman “(S)he looks like (s)he has determined to drive (her) head through a brick wall and is about to do it.” She makes Linda Carter look like an Avon Lady.

  5. *Gets magnifying glass out*
    Ok, the ash and smoke and sparks flying around everywhere scream “Volcano Eruption”. I think it may even be a bit of lava shooting up to the left, behind the rock.
    And she is standing on concrete… not rock… you can see the reo bar poking out everywhere, this says “City”

    So, volcano eruption and a city. Any ideas?

    Also, the sepia wash… I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The whole picture is like that, for all we know her outfit could be neon pink…. or Affleck-Daredevil red… it wont be… right? Right?

  6. Overall, I think I like it? It looks much better in that no-filter copy with the colors more vibrant, I really, really hate the heels though. It would be a 8/10 without them, now its a 6. They just aren’t practical and in this era of female heroes finally getting their due I was kinda’ hoping they would have taken the practical route.

  7. Hey, look at that, Gal Gadot looks like Wonder Woman.

    I don’t understand all of the griping on her physical stature. No matter who they cast for the role people would still complain about it. All I care about is that she puts her best effort into portraying the character, not how toned and skinny she is or isn’t.

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