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For nearly 20 years I’ve wanted to make a Batman movie. This is truly a passion project.” Peter Marshall Smith, the writer, director and editor of Shadow War.


The plot of Shadow War is original but it closely follows the comic book canon, taking place after the death of the 2nd Robin, Jason Todd. Batman has continued his war on crime alone, but this is the darkest phase of his career. He blames himself for Jason’s death at the hands of The Joker. Now, the World’s Greatest Detective is drawn into a conspiracy by an unknown adversary in league with his worst enemies.

The trailer mysteriously includes an uncredited actor playing Batman in the classic grey and navy blue Batsuit inspired by the Arkham video game series.

Cast List

Batman                         anonymous

Catwoman                     Jessica James

Joker                            Stephen L. Sullivan

Robin                            Jared Boghosian

Two-Face                      Adam Harrington

Court of Owls member    Matt Weinglass


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