The pitfalls of fiction are many, but one of the most common that I run into is misunderstanding the bond of friendship with the bond of romantic entanglement.  If you’ve ever been to TV Tropes or any given comments section, you know that people have their own preferred romances, and the battle between the Freddie/Carly ‘shippers and the Freddie/Sam ‘shippers is often a vicious and relentless one.  For my part, when I had to watch ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ back in my television master control operator days, I enjoyed the moments where the producers would intentionally give us ambiguous moments designed for those who believed Xena and Gabrielle were meant to be in love forever, especially since the standards of the time wouldn’t allow ’em to come out and say it.  Faithful Spoilerite Mela is 100% correct in her assessment that not EVERY pair of friends should be ‘shipped as a romantic couple, but you also can’t tell me that it’s not a lot of fun to play matchmaker, which leads to today’s romantical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) never had any problem understanding why people thought Kirk and Spock would be a decent romantic pairing, as they’re more compatible than either Sam & Diane or David & Maddie, asking: What non-romantic pairing in fiction do you most wish were made an official couple?


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  1. I’m not sure this counts exactly, but I always kinda hoped we’d get an alternate DC Comics universe where Raven and Starfire were a teenage couple. I’d hate if it happened to the core DCU versions as that just wouldn’t feel right for the characters, but I could easily see it happening in some parallel timeline despite their massively different personalities (or, perhaps, because of it. After all, my late partner and I were as different as night and day).

    As I rewatch “Star Trek: Voyager” on Netflix (because I haven’t seen it in years, am trying to watch all the Trek series, and even though it is my least favorite Trek series, I did enjoy a few characters and stories from it), I’m reminded that I was kinda sad that The EMH Doctor and Seven of Nine didn’t get together back in the day. I just thought they would be a perfect match.

    • They certainly laid the groundwork with the “My Fair Lady” episode and others. Chakotay and her made no sense at all.

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