Lords of the Feywild

In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: Welcome back to the Summer Canopy!

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  1. Huh…

    Did not know Stephen had quit his job, *been catching up on my CH podcasts*, Hell this probably wasn’t even the epi where he mentioned it.

    Anyway, getting VIP gold to encourage you guys!

  2. XantharTheFlame on

    Awesome episode all! I know, I know…. I am waaay behind! No spoilers, please (ironic to ask that on the MS site!) :-)

    As I’ve been getting through the last 30 – 40 episodes, I had been thinking to myself “Gee, when was the last time any combat was really challenging for this party? I can’t recall the last time any character went down.” Lo and behold!!! Someone drops the first round!! Thank you for restoring my faith in the game system mechanics for creating challenging fights, Rodrigo!

    On another note, and please take this only as constructive feedback from a real fan, I would like to express some disappointment in the plot. We spent weeks, and weeks, and weeks following the party’s progress in The Natural World, trying to gather resources, deal with fall-out from Spud’s actions, etc….. Reeling with emotion and angst at the party in-fighting (thankfully all resolved)…. Bemoaning and cajoling them to GET A MOVE ON! THE DRUID TOLD YOU TIME WAS OF THE ESSENCE — YOU CAN’T HELP EVERYONE IN THE NATURAL WORLD SOLVE ALL THEIR PROBLEMS!! But all of that made for REALLY GOOD STORYTELLING! The characters & role-playing were totally believable and it was awesome!

    Then we get to the UnderDark (after one hilarious session debating about how to get down the well, when Torq had it right all along — when the DM presents a deep, dark hole with no apparent way down and is too deep for rope — you just jump!)…. but then, just a few episodes later we are skipping right past the UnderDark with no conflicts or challenges, and then the Hogba comes along and skips us right past the Fey Dark? I am sorry, but I was really looking forward to see some adventures in these new parts of the multi-verse. Sigh. I hope we get to see those places again sometime.

    Thank you for listening…. and I can’t wait to hear how the rest of the season plays out.

    VIP Member

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