In a week that is suppose to be full of positive announcements from companies, it is quite the shock to hear that three cast members exit Marvel’s Ant-Man. Of course, that seems on par for this film so far.

Patrick Wilson, Matt Gerard and Kevin Weisman will no longer be in Marvel’s Ant-Man that seems to have problems hovering over its head ever since Edgar Wright left the project months ago. Deadline was the first to report on these exits and said that, “Gerard and Weisman’s characters were omitted in the newly evolved version of the script.” However, Wilson had to back out of the production due to scheduling conflicts that have come about from having to push back the start of filming after Marvel had to find a new director.

The story that was being told after Wright left Ant-Man was that his script was, for the most part, being left intact. But, if two characters have been completely written out of the film I wouldn’t say they are sticking close to what Wright had first imagined for Scott Lang.

Hopefully during Marvel’s Hall H panel tomorrow Kevin Feige will be able to boost the image of this film by bringing Paul Rudd up on stage and maybe even a little more because we have never seen a Marvel film falter like this, at least not in recent years.

via Deadline


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    Either there will be an announcement of release date being pushed back pretty soon or this will be spectacular train wreck to watch. Marvel has yet to fail with their new films but this is one waiting to happen right here.

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