SDCC’14: Panini America brings back Dragon Ball Z card game


Panini America announced yesterday that it is bringing back the popular Dragon Ball Z card game. The last time the game was on the market was in 2004.

The 2014 edition features more than 200 new cards, reprints of past fan favorites and is completely compatible with the original series. The new game was developed by Panini America Brand ManagerAik Tongtharadol, a former Dragon Ball Z world champion who also worked on the original Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, most recently in 2004. Company officials will preview and demo the game to the public for the first time this week during the 2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego; company officials also will distribute one free 2014 Dragon Ball Z Promo card each day of the show (Thursday through Sunday) while supplies last.

In a statement on the Panini America website, Panini America Vice President of Marketing Jason Howarth said, “We’re thrilled to be able to bring back Dragon Ball Z after so many years away; it’s a true cult classic that has a fiercely loyal following in the TCG community. The fact that the new release is completely compatible with those original releases from the early 2000s is huge. Dragon Ball Z loyalists will appreciate how true this new release is to the original; new players will appreciate the ease and pace of game play.”

panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-1 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-2 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-3 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-4 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-5 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-6 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-7 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-8 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-9 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-10 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-11 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-12 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-booster-13 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-starter-1 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-starter-2 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-starter-3 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-starter-4 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-starter-5 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-starter-6 panini-america-2014-dragon-ball-z-pis-starter-7

The starter deck arrives in stores in late August with the 2014 Dragon Ball Z Starter Deck will have a MSRP of $14.99, with booster packs selling for $3.99.

via Panini America