During the Marvel Television panel, the previously announced Lucy Lawless role for Agents of SHIELD was explained along with adding to more characters to the show.

Lucy Lawless will be playing the role of longtime SHIELD agent Isabelle Hartley. Does that name ring any bells? I’m doubting it because it appears to be a new character that Marvel has created for the show. All that we know about the character is that she is tough and apparently skilled with a knife.

As for the two new roles announced fans might be little bit more acquainted. Actor Nick Blood will be playing the mercenary Lance Hunter. As the director of STRIKE in Marvel comics, Hunter will help out SHIELD as they are being chased around the world following what took place in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The villain of the season was revealed to be Daniel Whitehall and will be played by Reed Diamond.. Whitehall is more commonally known as the legendary HYDRA agent Kraken. Kraken was the head of a school that trained orphaned girls, including Viper. Does that mean we will be seeing that character in the second season of Agents of SHIELD also?

Agents of SHIELD, while looked down upon upon its initially release, really brought in an audience towards the end of the season when the show storyline and the story from The Winter Solider started colliding. I except much of that end of season momentum will be carried over into season two, especially if the show can capitalize off of the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing next year.

There was also a gag reel shown

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