SDCC’14: DC Collectibles shows off new Batman: The Animated Series figures


I knew decades ago that Batman: The Animated Series would be a long lasting series, simply because it was full of awesome…and Batman.  The B:TAS action figure series was instantly popular and continued through the Justice League Unlimited line.  DC Collectibles has announced it plans on releasing all new action figures from the series, featuring all new sculpts and looks.

Series 1 (Batman, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, and Catwoman) and series 2 (Poison Ivy, Joker, Robin, and Man-Bat) were both present in what looks to still be hand-painted resin casts. 

Series 1 is expected to arrive in November, with series 2 landing in stores in December. According to Action Figure Pics, the two unpainted figures are Killer Croc and Baby Doll that are expected to be part of series 3.

via Action Figure Pics