The Marvel Spider-Man panel (Across the Spipder-Verse) wrapped up a few moments ago, and here’s our summary of what was covered.


  • If you aren’t familiar with the Spider-verse event, it features the villain Morlun trying to wipe out all Spider-men (and women) across all of existence at the same time.
  • Spider-Verse kicks off in Superior Spider-Man #32. Superior Spider-Man finds himself trapped in the year 2099! Can you say Miguel O’Hara?  The issue is written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adam Kubert.
  • If you have seen the big image, you know who will be part of the event – Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Peter Parquagh, Superior Spider-Man, MC2 Spider-Girl, Japanese Spider-Man, and more (Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Gwen for example).
  • Look for the Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Verse Team-Up miniseries during the big event.
  • Scarlet Spiders will feature Ben Reilly, Kaine, and Jessica Drew from the Ultimate Universe. The three-issue mini-series will be writen by Mike Costa with art by Paco Diaz.  The mini-series kicks off in November.
  • Spider-Verse Team-up will feature a story by Christos Gage and Dave Williams and a second story by a rotating group of writers and artists.
  • Scarlet-Spiders-1-Bagley-VariantHave you picked up Spider-Man 2099 #1? (the new series by Nick Lowe, not the issue from 1999). Miguel is in the present time working for Alchemex. Issue #5 will be the Spider-Verse tie-in issue.
  • No idea why the panel talked about Daredevil (perhaps because Mark Waid was moderating the panel), but issue #6 ties into Original Sin, features Matt Murdock finding his mother (who is being extradited to Wakanda), and deals with some “real issues.”
  • Speaking of Original Sin, we all know by now that there was another person bitten by the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers. She’s been locked up for years, and we’re about to see what Silk is all about.
  • Readers will get to know more about Overdrive in issue #14 of Superior Foes of Spider-Man.
  • The Edge of Spider-Verse series kicks off in October and will be weekly for five weeks. First week will feature Spider-Man Noir, week two has Spider-Gwen, and week three has a non-Peter Parker Spider-Man (Spider-Ham perhaps?). Issue #4 arrives in November and is by Clay McLeod Chapman, and Elia Bonnetti. The final issue features an alternate universe Spider-Man called SPI//dr.
  • Spider-Man teams up with Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man #7. Also look for a new hero – Spider UK.
  • MC2 Spider-Girl shows up in Amazing Spider-Man #8.
  • There’s rough stuff in store for every Spider character you’ve ever cared about! I’m very sorry,” said Dan Slott.
  • Spider-Man Unlimited, will be a mobile game app that launches in September, and looks to be a Temple Run type game. Players will be able to play 23 different Spider-Men.
  • No Spider-Man co-created by Sony (movies, and CGI cartoons) will appear in the Spider-Verse event.
  • Spider-Verse affects everything! That’s according to Dan Slott, not me.


Looks like October and November are going to be an expensive month for Spider-fans! i’m on board to see how the series kicks off as I’ve come to trust Dan Slott with Spider-Man.







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