One of my recent bouts of internet dumpster-diving (really the only definition for what I do in the weird side-streets and cul-de-sacs of online industry) have reminded me of another lost treasure of my youth: Starsky & Hutch.  Odds are that, if Faithful Spoilerites remember it at all, they remember it as the subject of a deadly dull Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller meta-irony re-imagining a few years ago, but for a time, it was the cutting edge of buddy cop action/comedy/adventure.  Indeed, since my brains work in a manner that I can only describe as “diagonally”, that reminiscence led me to the though of how cool it might be to see them revamp Starsky & Hutch in animated form.  Sure, it sounds ludicrous, but there was a time where many properties were given animated versions (including The Dukes of Hazzard and Happy Days, both of which I recommend for their goofy entertainment factor), and I see no reason why the practice couldn’t be revived.  Imagine an animated version of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, or even better, animated episodes to continue the adventures of Firefly, avoiding all the pitfalls of aging and/or recasting, which leads us to today’s full-color query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also thinks that a full-on cartoon version of Doctor Who, especially in his larger-than-life (and impossible to draw) Sixth incarnation, asking: What property (that hasn’t actually had one) seems most deserving of its own cartoon adaptation?


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  1. Army of Darkness. Just imagine the animated adventures of Ash as he juggles fighting off the hordes of the undead and helping people shop smart at S-Mart.

  2. Mike Wytrykus on

    There are several properties that I’d love to see adapted into animated series.
    Indiana Jones would probably be my number one pick. Now that Disney owns the rights this needs to happen asap.
    I’d also love to see Harry Potter adapted into an animated series (or even a comic book series).
    Bone is long overdue for an animated film or series.
    Atomic Robo is perfect for adapting into a kick ass action adventure cartoon.
    Army of Darkness for adult swim or even like HBO or something would be awesome.
    I can’t believe Disney never did an animated series for Pirates of the Caribbean.
    And I’d still like to see a proper Star Wars animated series featuring the adventures of Luke, Han & Leia set between ANH and TESB.

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