Fifty Shades of Grey took the e-book and then physical book world by storm when it arrived in 2011, but will the adaptation take hold of the film industry? Watch the first trailer and decide.

Honestly, that looks much better than I ever thought it would based off what I had heard about the book. The trailer featured a nice slow build up, letting the viewer wait in anticipation, till the hot and heavy material shows its head, which is what most people know the original work for.

Based off this trailer, I wouldn’t be against seeing Fifty Shades of Grey. Grey, to a degree, seems like what a modern day Gatsby would act like, and that intrigues me. Based off the pacing, cinematography, and music (that Beyonce re-mix is top notch) of the trailer, Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t seem like sexual romp for the sake of a sexual romp in the vein of American Pie, but a more calculated one that, again based solely off this trailer, I would throw into the same mix as Shame.

What do you think about this trailer? Does it surprise you? If any of the great Major Spoilerites have read the original material I would love to hear your take on what we have seen so far. You can do that in the comments down below!

via Universal Pictures UK 


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  1. I have to agree with you Zack, that Beyonce remix is awesome, and the movies seems not that bad, in fact, knowing the premise a bit it’s probably going to be less bad than twilight, which is something…

  2. I’m a bit torn on this. I couldn’t stand the books–due in no small part to damn near every single sentence involving Grey’s impossible beauty–but the movie looks at least mildly interesting.

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