1/6th scale Marty McFly will be on my shelf


Though it may be Batman Day, and Preview night at the San Diego Comic Con, the toy reveals coming out today make it feel more like the day after Thanksgiving when I shell out all my money for awesome stuff. Hot Toys has just revealed a 1/6th scale Marty McFly figure for the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

If you aren’t familiar with Hot Toys, their figures are to die for – not only does the company spend a great deal of time putting detail into the figure, the sets usually come with a number of accessories and must have to make the character feel complete.

For the Marty McFly figure, not only are you getting a detailed sculpt of Michael J. Fox’s head, I understand there is a compatible DeLoreon that is coming too! Pre-ordering takes place at Ani-Con, and those that sign up then will also get a 1/6th scale guitar as a bonus accessory.

Back_To_The_Future_14__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_13__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_12__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_11__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_10__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_09__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_08__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_07__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_06__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_05__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_04__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_03__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_02__scaled_600 Back_To_The_Future_01__scaled_600

I just want to scream how bad I want this on my shelf. Marty McFly won’t arrive until 2015, and though there are order instructions on the┬áHong Kong website, I’m going to bet we will have to order this through Sideshow Collectibles to get it delivered to my front door.

via Toy News International