It’s always a shame when someone talented passes away, even if they lived a long and full life, and though I cannot acknowledge every pop culture death, the loss of James Garner this weekend has affected your humble MS-QOTD to an unexpected degree. Raised as I was by a Magnavox color television, I was a casual fan of both ‘The Rockford Files’ and ‘Maverick’, and always enjoyed Garner in his movie roles, especially as one of the geriatric astronauts in ‘Space Cowboys.’  Most impressively, when Garner’s golden tones were the voice of the almighty himself in ‘God, The Devil and Bob’, you really believed that this was how an omnipotent being should sound.  Since we’re here talking about it anyway, I figure we could take a moment to celebrate the positives of Mr. Garner’s long and storied career, which leads to today’s memorial query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would almost have to go with Garner’s lovely turn as the wizard Shazam a few years ago in a Captain Marvel animated adaptation, but then Rockford would override that, asking: Which of James Garner’s many roles is the one you’ll remember the most?


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  1. The Great Escape, for sure. such a suave dude, even when locked down in a german prison camp. also not to sound like a terrible human being, but i thought james garner passed away years ago.

  2. Rockford Files, I always enjoy a good PI story, and his are great. Plus the charm he has in the role, makes me go I should move to LA and become a detective.

  3. I was surprised to read that he was Vice President of the SAG under Reagan.

    As for the QOD, I have to go with him as Jim Rockford. Such a classic role.

  4. He was one of the few famous people I’ve actually met in person, talked to and shook hands with – him and Walt Disney! Mr. Garner was a genuine nice guy! I think my favorite Garner role was in “Support Your Local Gunfighter”.

  5. I will miss “Ole Jimmy” and Rockford files is one of my favorite old shows. He was one of the oldies but goodies. I’m sad to hear he died. Another ‘end-of-an-era’. Rest In Peace! James.

  6. I’ve been watching The Rockford Files, at Steven’s suggestion; I’m enjoying it. James Garner has such a striking presence coupled with that unique voice, makes him a very memorable and likable actor. I never saw the Maverick TV show, but I liked him in the movie..out classed Gibson in that one. Even though I am a guy, I thought The Notebook was really an amazing movie.

    I’d have to say The Rockford Files is my favorite; there’s just something that brings a very relaxing nostalgia to me when I watch it. Plus it’s funny how he puts up his a-hole front that every single person gets passed lol.. A good guy at heart :)

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